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Discussion Forum : General Topics : A PRIVATE PRAYER LANGUAGE?

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Thank you for the blessing, MeAgain!

That is a great question on why do we limit the Lord. So why do we? In my humble opinion, Mam, we can say it's our lack of abandonment, or fear to let go of what we hold so dear (ie. beliefs, doctrines to what we grew up with, or etc,etc, as the coating of the real issue which is self--and that self can be from our carnality to our spirituality.

I always had this question linger after the Lord showed me what He said at the end of Mark...We all know the verse...The thing that came out was "these signs WILL follow those who believe.." and my question is,"How Christians can go through their whole lifetime and never had these experiences that the Lord said WILL follow?"

And quick answer to your last question, yes, I agree with you. I always thought that they're have been three great issue concerning the faith and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is one of them. The other two, is the water baptism and communion.

Andrew Ramos

 2006/3/12 17:07Profile


Somar, I'm finally finding the ability to come back to this after a distraction.

Jessie Penn-Lewis may have gone over the top in saying that Christians can be possessed, but those who reprinted her book with some editing did well with, "War on the Saints" and it is a MUST READ - MUST READ book for these end times.

Whenever GOD moves, the enemy is right behind that move, no matter how small it may seem.

Even just this little thread.

My heart was grieving and in spirit too for HIS people to experience the fullness and have everything that Christ had died and was resurrected to provide for us.

The Power behind the prayer language is not "hooga-booga-hoopla" ... it is real and powerful, when one is alone with God and not knowing what to pray.

How many times that I've felt a grieving in my spirit that wouldn't leave and I'd go to my room to pray, but had NO IDEA WHAT THE SPIRIT WAS GRIEVING ABOUT ... so as Paul said, "I pray in the spirit and I pray with understanding" ... so with just child like faith, I'd ask the Father to help me to birth the burden, so to speak, in my understanding and the Spirit will pray through me in the prayer language and then the Lord would give "understanding" and it would be something I didn't even realize was needed to be prayed over.

There would have been no way that I 'would' know it.
Sometimes it was for my husband or my brother or sister in Christ, or whatever that I could not have known they needed prayer for and even for something that would take place tomorrow or something or to show me demon activity somewhere that I wasn't even aware of, because I don't ever blame too many things on demons, but on foolish decisions people make.

I guess because I am so slow to blame devils, that is why, when it comes to that .... the Lord has had to either let me visually see them or show me in some other spiritual way ... because I'm not big into that demon stuff some get into.

I believe this thread was one that an invisible entity wanted to undo, so that the saints would shun all things "super-natural" because of the misuse or abuse of the teaching about HIS [u]True[/u] "Gifts".

It happens everytime, in everyplace, ever since the first Church ... that whenever the Lord breaks through with a deep spiritual truth or move ... here comes the heresies or mis-use of the "gifts" and why Paul had to rebuke the Church in Corinth.

I see this attack on this board to make a shame of certain "gifts" and make a mockery of them, to discredit the REAL. The dunamis power that was commmanded we seek "before" we leave out to "witness", etc..

That is why there are so many bringing SHAME to the Pentecost experience with their flesh and demonic teachings on these things .... to counterfeit and un-do the real and scare people away from their own Pentecost.

Church history testifies to all of this and one need only ask God to open their eyes to see when it is happening.

Talk about the Prayer Language and the flood gates of Hell will pour out their nonsense and extremes, etc. to scare of the real or true seekers.

Thank you for your exhorting and uplifting posts on this topic and pray in the Spirit for this Site.

Your testimony on this previous thread was a wonderful-uplifting encouragement for us all.

And Yes from this latest post from you "these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues" but just remember, that the enemy of Christ and His Body will be right on the heels of this truth with Mocking spirits and excesses that turn seekers of truth away.

Pray for the Body, that they seek and not stop seeking ALL that He has died to send us, that we may be Mighty in His Name, and most especially in the perilous times ahead.

God Bless you & All.

 2006/3/15 1:03

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