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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Mark Lowry and Bill Gaither

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Toowoomba, Australia

 Mark Lowry and Bill Gaither

Hi to all who are following this, just joined up. Have any of you read the following?

On August 14th, I noted this story of the rather curious reaction of gospel singer Bill Gaither and some of his associates to a visit by Marsha Stevens, a singer and composer who is now a lesbian. Greg Wallace e-mails the following:

I just spoke with Barry Stevens, president of Gaither Music, who called me this morning to discuss comments made by lesbian Christian artist Marsha Stevens (no relation). Barry was quite adamant that the photo on Ms Stevens' website ( in no way indicated his approval of her lifestyle. He furthermore stated that the comments by Bill and Gloria Gaither during the 12-31-02 concert were a distortion of what was really said from the stage, and is shipping me a videotape of the event as proof. Barry said that Bill is very concerned about how the photo is being used to imply that he is endorsing same-sex relationships, but is unsure of how to proceed. Barry said that the Gaither's attorneys are looking into the matter. Barry said Bill told him that he and Gloria had known Marsha for years and that her song "For Those Tears I Died," was a staple at Gaither concerts.

As for the alleged conversation between Mark Lowry and Ms Stevens, Barry said that because there is no tape of the conversation, he has no way of knowing whether the conversation actually took place as purported in the Record, the online newsletter for Evangelicals Concerned, a self-proclaimed "national network of gay and lesbian evangelical Christians and friends." Barry did state that he and Mr Lowry attended Liberty University at the same time, and he expressed his personal confidence in the Christian comedian/singer. Mr Lowry's office has yet to respond to inquiries, though Barry said Mr. Lowry was very aware of the situation.

Taken from: Midwest Conservative Journal,

Anyone got any more info?

Tim Bunch

 2006/3/5 6:43Profile

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mountains of Pa.

 Re: Mark Lowry and Bill Gaither

Well good morning, Tim1 from the usa. I never even heard of them.sorry can't help you on this one.

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I reported this situation here on this forum... and I think at this point we all need to wait for the Gaithers response. If it has been a distortion, then we should accept their explanation and move on.

There are other issues about Bill Gaither that are more important... particularly his ecumenism.


 2006/3/6 10:39

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