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Discussion Forum : General Topics : revelations "who can interprete it"

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 Re: who can interpret

John was saying this, Those of you who are Seers can interpret this.

And even then, in the Bible seers did not utter interpretations without receiving it from the Lord. Divine revelation requires divine interpretion. Daniel did not attempt to speculate the meaning of his dream. Even then, he was very old when he received revelation about future kingdoms.

There is a statement that says: Fools trample where angels fear to tread. And, indeed, many have trampled into the field of interpretation without waiting for divine revelation, or seeing the danger that they put themselves and others in.

Some also fail to see that just perhaps God has certain people in the Church whom he has called to receive certain interpretation... And they might not be one of them.

Speculation has always been a human passion. However after you think for a long time that something is a possibility, it eventually becomes truth to you. And over time it becomes harder and harder to think of other possibilities. And then you pass your "insight" on to others, as if it is truth. And then, down the generations people start looking for things that might just not be true. Satan can easily lead them further down the garden path - AWAY from Christ.

Sad to say, many who utter interpretations have not had their own "Isle of Patmos" experience. They have no idea what it is to hear from God in the smaller day to day matters.

If I could walk back through time I would love to ask all those who taught me escalogical interpretations one question: "Where did you receive this knowledge?"

Answers such as, "Well, it just has to be that way; that makes sense; or I heard it in Bible College, or some well-known speaker said it, just does not necessarily qualify as divine revelation.

If one's pursuit to understand 666 is not precluded by a very serious consideration of Rev. 2 and 3 - the letters to the churches, and similar scriptures, they are in danger of deception.

God makes it very clear, in many places in the Bible, who will be deceived and fail to enter his kingdom. And if those references don't bear a heavy burden on our soul, then we are just playing chess with God's word in more obscure passages. And also, we are not preparing ourselves or anyone to stand their ground in the face of persecution, temptation, and deception.


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Healingwaters wrote:
John was saying this, Those of you who are Seers can interpret this. Seers (Not Roebuck) are both wise and have understanding. The counting aspect has no bearing without the prerequiste of one who has understanding.

Understanding does not come via, your own intellect, using dictionaries and other sources of information. God's understanding has nothing to do with that. Wisdom is not a wise proverb in a fortune cookie, nor is it given to those who are educated.

Wisdom is not a set of words written down, wisdom is the express discourses of God. It's what God has done, is doing, and will do. Thats wisdom.

When John wrote, "Here is Wisdom", he is simply saying, "This is what God is doing".

Many of you will want scripture and verse, it's interlaced in the word, you'll have to just know His Word to see it.


This is where and when I always get myself in trouble ... while I'm RUSHING to get "supper" done for hubbie. But I've got to get this out of my system before I myself can eat.

IF a person doesn't use the correct 50/50 of Scripture searching WITH Divine Revelation ... they "will" be deceived.

God puts equal value and necessity on Both ... and I being more prone to the prophetic gifts, had to be taught this over many years of dealing with those more acedemic type folks.

I've come out believing in Study to show thyself approved and John 16:13.

God wrote the "secrets" of the mysteries in the "language", so never discount that.
Greek is a very intricate language ... as RonB of that.

These acedemic type have helped to keep me sound.
I'm the dreams and visions type ... so I needed their balance ... and THANK GOD .... He sent those type into my life.

Amen and Bon Appetite.

 2006/3/8 18:03

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 Re: hey everyone

hello everyone

i love the way everyone has responded to my post. it has been overwelming and thought provoking. when i study scripture i have used the principles of mr in his book "the interpretation of scripture" i have found that the laws and principles he uses to walk through God's word are of an extrememly high standard and he constantly checks his spirit to see if his anwsers come from his fallen nature or the holy spirit so that his fleshly biasedness doesn't taint his interpretation of the word. My ministry always refer's to mans heart (spirt) and the more i see people of this age i see the revealing of revelations warnings of the end times. i don't need to see times and wonder's to tell me that we are in the last days peoples attitudes towards God tell me this. there is a universal hatred towards our lord, men are filled with violence and have anti-christ attitudes and principles.

P.s have to go but will finish of my post at a latter day :-)

karl rashleigh

 2006/3/9 4:07Profile

 Re: who can interpret revelations

Diane said

And also, we are not preparing ourselves or anyone to stand their ground in the face of persecution, temptation, and deception.

It is my turn to be beaten by you ;-)

I have been thinking about the work God has done in my through being isolated from all but Him, His word and my own responses to it from the person that I was and am. The thread on church abuse probably sparked me off, but, I found myself understanding that there is a Divine purpose in persecution; it is not just a 'test' to see if we really will go through with God. It is far more and deeper. God will use it to [i]help us[/i] find out what we are like, and to [i]help us[/i] choose aright. I'm now not sure that anyone can just bounce into the kingdom and without any hostility or external pressure, be sure that they have been sufficiently refined or chastened to qualify as a son of God.

This may seem a long way off 'revelations', but I think the connection is on this one point - that we [i]must[/i] KNOW Him, and the only way to be sure, is to be forced to make what feel like pretty drastic choices, sometimes. Then, as we find ourselves shedding the world and its load, we also find we are in a quieter, broader place where we can fellowship with Him instinctively, according to the Spirit. Here, we find our hearts written all over scripture, again and again. We find we [u]do[/u] know [i][b]His[/b][/i] heart.

 2006/3/9 15:02

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