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Why exactly are you posting links to this new age site??
Greg :-?


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Not wanting to misunderstand here, these are questions not accusations...

First off, why did you post this originally with the title you did, knowing the answer obviously before hand? (Guess that is an accusation, just not with ill will attached).

I won't keep this going, but I just wanted to prove a point about last days deceptions.

If it was to see if anyone was paying attention ... I don't know, that seems a bit problematic, but would prefer you to clarify it. It seems quite overt from where it stems from. Was this a good tactic to take, here, on SI?

We read this "prayer" called The Great Invocation in an AoG Church 12 years ago and asked them the same question and 100% of the members said, it was a "nice prayer".

With the same motivation? Knowing ahead of time where it came from? Again, not sure this a good way of going about things...

Which will lead only to the next important question. Having not perused this and not motivated really to do so, (that is neither here nor there) is this of some particular interest as far as scope of things go? What of this is of particular interest or how much sway has this aptly titled '[i]trusting Lucifer[/i]' construct in real life application as you mentioned below?;
Now, you'll have to look well to this Site, because this is no rinky dink operation here. This is big and where Mystery Babylon has launched itself Globally, through the World Good Will and the United Nations.

Is that speculation or in fact? Is this in the realms of 'conspiracy' (again, not pointedly) or actuality? How big is "Big"?

Perusing through the nonsense is spiritually depleting. It is a bit too overt to be missed and sounds far too cult like to be of any real notice. Wouldn't 'last days deception' be a bit less obvious? Again, that would hinge somewhat on just how prevalent and of what sort of heed is being given to all this nonsense.

Mike Balog

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 Re: reclaim the words

Light descend on Earth.
Love within the Heart of God
Will of God
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

Do you know what? These words were stolen, weren’t they? – stolen right from the Bible? So why follow the lure. Walk away from this “investigation” into Satan’s domain, and reclaim the fractured truth - those words that God gave us. Give them back to God and pray them back to God in the spirit and way that they should be prayed.

Is not God our Light and Love? Then place the words right where they belong – in HIS domain.

Shine Jesus Shine!
Fill the land with the Father’s Glory.

I grieve that so many beautiful God–given words are claimed by Satan and distorted by those using them. They are not only hijacked by those on the outside, but also by Bible-believing conservative Christians. I stand against this!

Even the Lord’s Prayer has been hijacked – prayed as a ritual formula every Sunday in countless churches. Does that mean I stop praying it? Of course not! We need to reclaim that one too, for its implications are astounding. Ex: THY Kingdom come.. THINE be the glory.

“And lead us not into temptation……….” Including the temptation to follow after Satan’s bunny trails.


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Smokey, your question confuses me.
Why did you yell NO ? And "how" did you KNOW to yell NO.
You said, to save someone from falling off of a cliff and that is how you saw the New Age movement and the ONLY way you knew it 'was' New Age, was 'because' you 'had' studied it.
The others in our Church back when did NOT have the "education" that you had ... that is why this prayer deceived them.
See ?
Edit to answer your asking why did I post that site ... that site is where this "prayer" came from Greg.

Diane, you are completely right.
A Counterfeit is "to fool" and is made up of so much of the Truth. Otherwise, it would have no Power to Deceive.
Glad you see this.


Mike, I don't understand any of what you've said and am questioning all of your questions.

One I will answer is .. yes it is big and yes documentably so and yes it is part of the one world religion and linked with the same religion written for and held in keeping in the UN.

We are to warn each other over ANY deceptions that are here or headed our way and I feel that a Moral obligation and only posted it as I had, to show just how deceptive these things can be ... if GOOD Christians do not outright see the counterfeit from the real, because the producers of these counterfeits know exactly what they are doing by merging terminology and appealing to "love and good will & works", then the only way to show that is a fact is to first present it to them without the warning attached.

That is the appeal or attraction to this and will be all the more so, as we travel along in these days.

There is no better way to find "truth" then to be exposed in a "safe" environment to Error.

Many speakers coming into Churches and on the Internet and if we are familiarized with some buzz words of theirs and The Agenda of their main source of 'doctrine' (such as this website I gave - where the false christ is being waited upon and is solidly rooted in places we thought were just governmental.) then it is well they we do not perish for a lack of knowledge regarding these later times 'we' of all Generations will have to spiritually survive through.

To not show this deception, would be callous, uncaring and not out for the protection of His Body. We should all share what we know, with others in mind, for the 'long haul' of this life.

There are many Christians who were in the New Age and other "Orders", who have been called by God to have Ministries expressly for the purpose of educating the innocent sheep of the devices of those who may endanger them, from their own past experience.
I see no wrong in this and feel it 'is' a legitimate Call of God.

We are to protect and not just provide good pasture as shepherds. Our ministries should be all inclusive.

Would that God would give understanding.

His Love.

 2006/3/5 16:33

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Dear friends, I have been watching this thread and I resisted the temptaion to respond initially even though I knew where it was going, and I think Diane and crsschk have summed up exactly why I avoided it.

Perusing through the nonsense is spiritually depleting

and from Diane..

And lead us not into temptation……….” Including the temptation to follow after Satan’s bunny trails.

I am directing this post to no one, I just want to use the opportunity to share something that I think really hindered the purpose of God in my life. Perhaps it will help someone else.

A few years ago I spent a lot of time looking into this stuff and I regret it becuase in the process I believe I imbibed alot of junk that was harmfull to my spirit. All the while I was researching this stuff I believe I was missing the purpose God had for me where I was. My wife even told me that one day in so many words when I was sharing with her what I was learning.

To summ it up I used to try to tell people about the coming world government and secert societies and all the like and yet in the end I realised one great truth that I was witholding from them in the process: the end of the world comes to every man when he dies.

When I realised that suddenly it didn't matter so much to me how many people were going through the tribulation or would be raptured what matterd most was were they in the Savior when THEY died. What I had to deal with was right here and right now, and happening right before my own eyes.

Supposedly over 150,000 people are dying every day. And if they die without the Savior my understanding of scripture tells me they will face God's wrath.

I personally wasted alot of time. And I think I got hurt in the process. Unfortantely I most likely placed unfounded and unholy doubt upon the integrity of some of our Founding Fathers in the process. God forgive me for this grevious error and have mercy upon me.

Diane, God bless you for this understanding..
Is not God our Light and Love? Then place the words right where they belong – in HIS domain.


Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/3/5 16:52Profile


Just as leaving, a visual came to me with Scripture verse ....

I saw a fattened sheep fall off of a cliff and the fatter it was the harder it fell(hit).

"To much is given - much is required" or all the more is required.
Those who educate themselves the most on the Classics, etc., are "given more", and more is required of them in the area of Discernment - in God's judgment.

 2006/3/5 16:55


Hi brother Chris,
Your post wasn't there when I posted.

You may have had this experience because it was not your 'calling' to go looking into these things to protect the sheep.
That may not be your Ministry. Charles Finney wrote a whole book about the Masons.
That was not the Calling of every Saint of his education and blessed ministry.

But to say that because this type expose is not for all to embark on, makes these exposes wrong, is to decry the Ministries of many.

We are back to the arm saying to the hand, I don't need you.

If a person gives the "Balanced" message of full training in The Gospel to Salvation First, Bible Study, growth in the Lord, etc. etc. ... then there falls a mandate on 'some' out there to also warn of things to come and how it will disguise itself, then no one should see fault in them, as there are and were many called to do so since the First Church.

I may not be called to Open Air Preaching, but I dare not decry it based upon my own calling.

If what you and possibly others are saying, is that we do not need Discernment and Apologetic Ministries to expose the fraud/counterfeits, then I can't disagree more.
And if we say our Lounge cannot afford a warning of these things from time to time but can afford other frivolous discussions, then again I am at a loss for an answer.

God help us to see how the Lord works through many members.

 2006/3/5 17:05

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 Re: Discernment ministries

Hi MeAgain, you could very well be right about this...

You may have had this experience because it was not your 'calling' to go looking into these things to protect the sheep.

And the motive could have alot to do with it. I have realised that insight into spiritual matters does not exist and isn't given to satisfy our curiosity.

And that is one potential pitfall I see in the way these things were often discussed and presented(I'm not saying you have done this). Looking back I remember alot of websites seemed like they were promoting that - curiosity, that and I think an unhealty focus on future events that seemed to revolve around ever changing scenarios based on current events, sort of like pin the scripture(tail) on the headline(donkey).

Jesus said

see that ye be not troubled

Nor do I think he intended for us to use today's headlines to play a sort of prophetic guessing game. Know what I mean?

I should have been more specific in what I was talking about. You are right, there is a place for watching and warning: a perfect example I think is in the case of the cults, like JW's and Mormons, Masons too. I guess like eveything it can be misused and abused, especially if it becomes all consuming.

I agree, may God give us understanding.

Christopher Joel Dandrow

 2006/3/5 17:29Profile


Hi brother Chris,

I've been on this forum since July of last year, taking but a three month Sabbatical in between.

I know what you are talking about, having been on much less 'mature' Forums.

If one had to look at all the posts I've done since last July, I doubt that one could honestly say that I am obsessed with any one topic except Christ and that He is 'The' Truth.

And I love eschatology, only because it is our "Blessed Hope" and don't give it any more attention than the Bible itself does... which percentage wise, actually, I give Less attention to it than the Bible does.

The headlines 'are' to be considered Eschatologically, Biblically, But also without "guessing games" ... we should be well grounded Scripurally to obey Christ's warning to "watch the signs" and to know what those signs are that He gave us to watch.

We are not to be entangled with the affairs of this world, except where it affects the Salvation of others, the preaching of the Gospel, to see where Saints are being persecuted, the things which Christ told us to watch for and to see what may need prayer ... such as in man's inhumanity to man ... but not to just discuss politics.

We are not to "look into the practices of the pagans" unless we are called to do so.
In the hands of someone like Finney ... Masonry was exposed and saved many a man out of it and from it.

That is my Only point.

Love Wesley too.
Lord Bless.

 2006/3/5 18:08


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