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 Re: being free from anger

Hi doug,

As Diane said, there could be more questions before advice be given, but, I can testify of my own experience of God's leadings.

When I realised I was angry, I knew it was because of having been abused. I agree with the verse philologos quoted, in that it is right to remember that God has taken responsibility for all our SIN. However, if one is angry because of sins committed against oneself, then that anger will do damage of itself; simply containing it, is harmful - in a sort of self-harming way.... at the same time as recognising that Anger does need to be contained, so that it doesn't harm others..

When I began to FEEL my anger, I knew I would have to give it to God, and eventually, in a moment of desperation, (because I thought I would go berserk if I didn't deal with it somehow - and then I'd need to be seriously sedated - ) He came to me immediately, and began to take it. It was a Sunday, and I soon felt as if I could hardly speak, and a strange, new pain appeared within my being; slowly, over a period of hours, God took the pain and a completely clean fresh spirit rose up from the depths of my being - literally like a line as straight as a ruler could have been drawn across my body. Eventually, the last bit of pain disappeared up through the top of my head; after that, I felt I was in touch with my anger, and it was only relevant anger - not unweildy or out of control - and most of all, it was not present all the time. As my history of being angry went back to my early childhood, this was a big deal!

On forgiveness, I've really struggled, because I think I needed to find God's forgiveness for myself, first. Then, strengthened by the healing which accompanies forgiveness, forgiving others has been properly possible. I know many people believe that forgiveness is a key to many freedoms, and the only sense I can make of this is that it may well be, if a person is holding things against another person in a resentful way. For me, I was more boggled in my mind by the sheer magnitude of the sins which had been committed against me, and the Lord knew I needed to be healed of those, in order to grow up into a place of emotional wholeness, before I had the capacity to forgive in a meaningful way. I think we all know what God is doing with us, and when we hear the word of God to our understanding, we have no alternative to obey it...

Recently, I noticed that Jesus said 'FATHER, forgive them, for they ....' This has comforted me greatly, as I [i]had been[/i] able to forgive on the strength of knowing that forgiveness is offered to every sinner.... but the Lord knew that was my limit. I could not 'feel' the dynamic change which is supposed to occur when a person forgives another (even if the other person is not involved at all..... In fact, that was another aspect of my difficulty with forgiveness, in that I'd been brought up to associate it with reconciliation.) It has been helpful - nay, necessary - for me to be able to [i]separate[/i] forgiveness and reconciliation, because reconciliation is only possible when the person being forgiven is able to acknowledge their fault in such a way that in principle at very least, they intend not to keep repeating the harmful action against you.

(NKJV) Hebrews 12:13
make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be [dislocated,] but rather be healed.

Young's Literal
13 and straight paths make for your feet, that that which is lame may not be turned aside, but rather be healed; 14 peace pursue with all, [b]and [u]the separation[/u][/b], apart from which no one shall see the Lord, 15 looking diligently over lest any one be failing of the grace of God, lest any root of bitterness springing up may give trouble, and through this many may be defiled;

'the separation' is a much more practical and un-intimidating form of words, than 'holiness', which appears in other translations.

 2006/3/2 2:23


Brother Douglas

Every person who is a true believer has some thing thats in their life that seems to continually crop up.

The LORD knows your needs before you even pray. He is working in your life, and working behind the scenes. When He does work behind the scenes, it's discouraging because we do not see any changes. Yet He continues to work because your continuing to believe.

There is nothing wrong with anger, when misplaced or acted upon it can be deadly. Anger can be healthy, but if it leads to rage and abuse than your in trouble.

Ephesians 4:26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath.

What you need to ask God for is not to take away the anger, but to help you put it under submission, so that instead of it controlling you, your controlling it.

This is something that you will need to work on because the load resides on your end. That simply means that when it comes time for you to make the choice not to give into anger, this is where the LORD will take your load, but if you give into it, than your not ready to be delivered and you'll suffer with this thing for a little while longer.

Let me give you an example.

I worked in a Bakery where I worked nights, and I enjoyed my time alone during the night. But sometimes my employer would show up sometime in the night and I would just cringe when she came thru the door. She was a religous woman, very staunch, and she hated the F word. I had some major anger problems in those days and I was seeking the LORD to help me in this area. One night, she came thru the door. I was just taking bread out of the oven. The sequence of events were unbelievable. Here I was my arms in the oven, she's coming thru the door and I seared my arm in the oven, and my anger flared up. It was sitting there ready to be acted upon, when I heard the voice of the LORD say, "You can keep quiet, or you can give in to it". Now remember all this is happening within just a few seconds. I just burned my arm, my employer was coming thru the door, and I hear the voice of the LORD, guess what I did?

I Let out the F word, loud and clear for her to hear. I lived with that anger and swearing for 6 months, until I got so sick of myself than I got delivered. Because another moment presented itself, and I choice to be quiet.

There have been other time of anger, but it wasn't as bad as what I used to be, I mean I was a bad cookie. We live and learn.

I hope this helps some Doug.

 2006/3/2 10:56

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Dear Dohzman, About the "Bait of Satan" by John Bevere: I bought the book your are talking about; I picked up the 10th anniversary edition for about $15 CAD. You were the one who convinced me to purchase this. But I've had to throw it out. Some of its editions have a forward by Benny Hinn, a false prophet. I was really looking forward to the book but I simply will not read material promoted by Benny Hinn in such a way that Benny adds a forward note to readers in books other authors have published.

For more information about Benny Hinn's false prophecies you may see the following sites:

Jon Doe

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 Re: I need deliverance from... Anger, unforgiveness, bitterness...

Hi Doug,

I think it is really critical to understand how people work, think, feel, relate, etc. so that we both can appreciate others for who they are (albeit imperfect, they are created uniquely, different from you, yet still in God's image), and so our expectations are set correctly. I have no idea what your background and experiences are, but I believe strongly that, besides the root sins of selfishness and pride that are embedded more deeply in our hearts than we thought possible, ignorance in the form of misunderstanding and unmet expectations can cause great frustration, anger, mistrust, etc.

I highly recommend books that, from a Biblical base, teach you about yourself, and about others, on a deep level. Here are a few I can remember the titles of. I'm sure there are likely some wise, experienced, godly believers that you know that could recommend others.

1) "Inside Out", by Dr. Larry Crabb (a must read, in my opinion, for any believer)
2) "Understanding How Others Misunderstand You", by Ken R. Voges and Ron Braund
3) "The Man in the Mirror" and others in the Man in the Mirror series, by Patrick Morley
4) "The Five Love Languages" (several books, I think) by Gary Chapman

There are SO many good books... but sometimes it is best to find a mature, loving, older Christian brother (e.g. a Pastor of Discipleship, or counselor) to talk with. I also recommend keeping music that focuses you on God in a way that helps the "you" run out of you, and the "Him" fill you up and soften your heart. My personal recommendation is almost anything by Twila Paris; her music SO honors God; I can't listen to it without being softened and my focus turned toward Him who life is all about.

You are in my prayers; please pray, yourself, for others like you that have troubles with the same things.

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 Re: I need deliverance from... Anger, unforgiveness, bitterness...

Many here have given you wonderful suggestions and to this mix I would like to add a testimony or two.

I used to have a terrible problem with evil imaginations. I looked high and low for solutions to overcome this besetting sin. I read all the articles I could that would teach me what to do to gain victory. The methods floated work...for a time and that was all: soon I was back in it as bad as ever.

In the meantime,I was praying about this, crying on my knees before God. Then one day, the LORD so graciously delivered me and I think I will not say what happened except to say I had to cooperate with Him. Since then I have had no more problem. Tempted? Yes, but it no longer had the hold on me as it did before.

Another testimony: one of my clients at CPC was a cocaine or crack addict - I forget which - and she wanted help. In the course of the conversation she told me how in the past she had kicked the habit and how? By staying close to the LORD! As long as she stayed there, it did not tempt her!

Doug, many can give you methods that may work for some time to help you overcome, but many methods will depend on your own strength to implement them. God is God and only in his mercy and strength can this be overcome. In my case I had to get to the position where I was completely broken, knowing I was TOTALLY helpless to fend for myself. Only then could God help me and I suggest this to be the case for you.

Talk to the LORD and listen to his voice. Above all be obedient to it. Disobedience will derail any deliverance He will have for you. There is no shortcut!


Sandra Miller

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