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 The Beauty of the Bible

I always though it amazeing, a book, though not a big book, with 66 smaller books in it from many authors spanning several tousand years would have miraculous unity and perfect fortelling of future events.
The Bbible: 66 books and 1,189 Chapters, 31,203 verses, 774,746 words. It realy dosn't take a long time to read. But it takes a life time to study.

The Beauty of the Bible

In the Bible God has said absolutely everything that was necessary to be said to men. The biography of every man--everyone without exception--is found in the Bible.

In it each of us can find himself portrayed and thoroughly described in detail; all those virtues and vices which you have and can have and cannot have.

You will find the paths on which your own soul and everyone else's journey from sin to sinlessness, and the entire path from man to God and from man to satan. You will find the means to free yourself from sin.

In short, you will find the complete history of sin and sinfulness, and the complete history of righteousness and the righteous.

If you are mournful, you will find consolation in the Bible; if you are sad, you will find joy; if you are angry--tranquility; if you are lustful--continence; if you are foolish-wisdom; if you are bad--goodness; if you are a criminal--mercy and righteousness; if you hate your fellow man--love.

In it you will find a remedy for all your vices and weak points, and nourishment for all your virtues and accomplishments.

If you are good, the Bible will teach you how to become better and best; if you are kind, it will teach you angelic tenderness; if you are intelligent, it will teach you wisdom.

If you appreciate the beauty and music of literary style, there is nothing more beautiful or more moving than what is contained in Job, Isaiah, Solomon, David, John the Theologian and the Apostle Paul. Here music--the angelic music of the eternal truth of God--is clothed in human words.

The more one reads and studies the Bible, the more he finds reasons to study it as often and as frequently as he can. According to St. John Chrysostom, it is like an aromatic root, which produces more and more aroma the more it is rubbed.

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 Re: The Beauty of the Bible


Now that's pure divine logic fer ya.

I like this tribute to our Gift from Creator God.

I tip my hat.

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 Re: The Beauty of the Bible

I have enjoyed the realization that the Bible is a romance, as shown in this spiritual song.

The Bible is a romance,
In the most Holy sense.
God and His chosen people
In Love it so presents.
This universal couple
throughout it is displayed.
God in Christ is the Bridegroom
HIs saints, His Bride, portrayed.

Through shadows, types and figures,
God's deepest thought is known;
As typified by Adam,
The Husband, Christ, is shown.
A rib brought forth from Adam
Reveals the source of life
By which God built a woman:
Eve, as the church, His wife.

To be His people's Husband,
To take them as His wife:
This is what God desires
To live in marriage life.
Their sacrifice and worship
Alone could not content;
But with them to be married
Was God's foremost intent.

This romance is the finest
As seen in Song of Songs;
For her Beloved's kisses
His seeking lover longs.
Love's work in her produces
No person of her own,
But she becomes the City,
Her Person, Christ alone.

Christ is our coming Bridegroom;
We are the Church, His Bride,
Redeemed, regenerated,
The issue of His side,
In source, in life, in nature
And person fully one,
His counterpart forever,
The New Jerusalem.

Howard Higashi

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