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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 There is hope!.... REVIVAL.

But the definition of revival is, "the awakening or resurrection of that
which threatens to become a corpse." It means, "to wake up the dead
church -- to revive it, resuscitate it, so the ungodly will be inclined
to enter its doors. - David Wilkerson

The man who can get believers to praying would, under God, usher in the
greatest revival that the world has ever known.
Leonard Ravenhill

How can we have revival?” someone asked the great evangelist, Gypsy
Smith. The wise, old preacher replied, “Take a piece of chalk, and draw
a circle on the floor. Then step inside the circle and pray: Lord, send
a revival inside this circle.

Lord give me one hundred men who hate nothing but sin, and desire
nothing but God and I shall shake the world.
John Wesley

Booth saw the English streets as God saw them, the lurking lust, the
sewers of sin, the greed of gambling, the peril of prostitution, and he
raised an army for God to fight them.
Leonard Ravenhill

The poison of rattlesnakes cannot be removed, nor the snakes subdued, by
spraying them with perfume. Nothing but the surging tides of revival can
cleanse the frontier of human corruption.
Clarence Autrey

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 Re: There is hope!.... If we move.

One thing to say about TSC is, they don't sit around praying for Revival without being constantly busy with the Lord's work, occupying till He come.

May I suggest reaching over 318 languages with booklets for whatever one can afford to send or just remember them in your Prayers.

Thank you and GOD bless.

 2006/2/14 20:43

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 Re: There is hope!.... REVIVAL.


sermonindex wrote:

Lord give me one hundred men who hate nothing but sin, and desire
nothing but God and I shall shake the world.
John Wesley

That sounds a lot like Jesus - "You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; Therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness more than Your companions” (Heb. 1:9). These kind of folks also are ones who pant after God's anointing, and the Father is well-pleased to fill such hungry souls. It is the Holy Ghost filled men and women who leave monuments behind of the power and glory of God to their generation and the ones to follow.

Ken Marino

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 Re: Prayer ... adamant

Dr. Judson's success in prayer is attributable to the fact that he gave much time to prayer. He says on this point: "Arrange thy affairs, if possible, so that thou canst leisurely devote two or three hours every day not merely to devotional exercises but to the very act of secret prayer and communion with God. Endeavor seven times a day to withdraw from business and company and lift up thy soul to God in private retirement. Begin the day by rising after midnight and devoting some time amid the silence and darkness of the night to this sacred work. Let the hour of opening dawn find thee at the same work. Let the hours of nine, twelve, three, six, and nine at night witness the same. Be resolute in his cause. Make all practicable sacrifices to maintain it. Consider that thy time is short, and that business and company must not be allowed to rob thee of thy God." Impossible, say we, fanatical directions! Dr. Judson impressed an empire for Christ and laid the foundations of God's kingdom with imperishable granite in the heart of Burmah. He was successful, one of the few men who mightily impressed the world for Christ. Many men of greater gifts and genius and learning than he have made no such impression; their religious work is like footsteps in the sands, but he has engraven his work on the adamant. The secret of its profundity and endurance is found in the fact that he gave time to prayer. He kept the iron red-hot with prayer, and God's skill fashioned it with enduring power. No man can do a great and enduring work for God who is not a man of prayer, and no man can be a man of prayer who does not give much time to praying.

E.M. Bounds

The act of praying is the very highest energy of which the human mind is capable; praying, that is, with the total concentration of the faculties. The great mass of worldly men and of learned men are absolutely incapable of prayer.

-- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The first element, in a revival whose effects will stay, is that the revival spring from within the church, the native outgrowth of the spiritual condition of the church. The so-called revivals do not spring from the repentance, faith, and prayers of the church, but are induced by foreign and outside forces. Many of the religious movements of the day have no foundation in the travailing throes of the church. By outside pressure, the presence and reputation of an evangelist, of imported singers and imported songs, an interest is awakened, a passing impression made, but these are quite different from the concern aroused by the presence of God and the mighty power of his almighty Spirit. In the manufactured revival there is an interest which does not deepen into conviction, which is not subdued into awe, which cannot be molded into prayer, nor agitated by fears. There is the utter absence of the spirit of prayer; neither has the spirit of repentance any place; lightness and frivolity reign; tears are strange and unwelcome visitors. The church-members, instead of being on their knees in intercession, or mingling their wrestling cries with the wrestling penitents, or joining in rapturous praise with their rapturous deliverance, are simply spectators of a pleasing entertainment, in which they have but a momentary interest, the results of which, viewed from a spiritual stand-point, are far below zero. A revival means a burdened church and a burdened pastor and burdened penitents.

E.M. Bounds

A revival of honesty, needed, desperately.

Mike Balog

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