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 Spurgeon quotes on Islam


Mohammedans’ religion might be sustained by scimitars, but Christians’ religion
must be maintained by love. 149.335

He who religiously obeys Mahomet may yet be doing grievous moral wrong; but it is
never so with the disciple of Jesus: obedience to Jesus is holiness. 1768.130

This book (the Bible) is more than a book,—it is the mother of books, a mine of truth,
a mountain of meaning. It was an ill-advised opinion which is imputed to the
Mohammedans at the destruction of the Alexandrian Library, when they argued that
everything that was good in it was already in the Koran, and therefore it might well
be destroyed. 1806.579

I have heard that an Englishman has professed himself a Mahometan because he
is charmed by the polygamy which the Arabian prophet allows his followers. No
doubt the prospect of four wives would win converts who would not be attracted by
spiritual considerations. If you preach a gospel which makes allowances for human
nature, and treats sin as if it were a mistake rather than a crime, you will find
willing hearers. 2185.47

I have made it a College exercise with our brethren. I have said—We will read a
chapter of the Koran. This is the Mahometan’s holy book. A man must have a strange
mind who should mistake that rubbish for the utterances of inspiration. 2185.45

When Mahomet would charm the world into the belief that he was the prophet of
God, the heaven he pictured was not at all the heaven of holiness and spirituality.
His was a heaven of unbridled sensualism, where all the passions were to be enjoyed
without let or hindrance for endless years. Such the heaven that sinful men would
like; therefore, such the heaven that Mahomet painted for them, and promised to
them. 3538.545

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