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post script to "pre-fall" children question.

last thought on "time" as we know it.
the earth moving around the sun simply measures a day in our knowledge of time...measuring time does not create it.

i am leaning towards the idea that our idea of time simply did not exist until the "fall" of man. time was an invented creation of Gods to allow the gracious redemptive plan of restoration/salvation to flow from. as a cup may hold milk...time held the redemptive plan. almost like a parnthesis break amongst Eternity. this was not planned for by satan.

if there was not time...then satan would have won just on that fact.

this allows for the fact that adam and eve were "eternal" in the physical form they were created into...before they fell.

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 Re: time

the idea that our idea of time simple did not exist until the"fall"of man,

I would re-think this idea a little more,(((God transcend time)))),True man can only measure time and space. read ((mark ch 14ver 32)) But of that day and that hour knoweth no man,no,not the angels which are in heaven,neither the Son, but the Father.(ver33)Take ye heed,watch and pray:for ye know not when the time is.

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