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 Alister Begg ~ Thinking...

Had to share after hearing part of this earlier this morning, here is a description;

[b]The Power of Proper Thinking[/b]
Philippians 4:1-9

The Apostle Paul was in no doubt as to his direction and purpose in life. In the very heart of this letter to the Philippians, he makes his focus clear. "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus." Throughout this letter, Paul urges upon these dear Philippian believers the need for them to be equally focused when it comes to the matter of living for Christ.

The message from this series of studies will not only prove useful for the Christian who is seeking to get "back on track", but also to the local church that is seeking to discover its identity in Christ and fulfill the purpose God has for it. The problems that had arisen among Philippian Christians could not be allowed to jeopardize their enjoyment of one another's company, nor their witness before the watching world. Like a skillful shepherd, Paul establishes them in the truths necessary to live for Christ.


That really doesn't say it all here, he was really articulating on just what we are feeding on, reading and listening to,... what we allow to go on between our ears... in essence, [i]Let My people think[/i]

Mike Balog

 2006/2/8 15:53Profile

 Re: Alister Begg ~ Thinking...

Alistair Begg is my favorite "radio" preacher/teacher.

If he weren't in Ohio, I'd love to attend his Church.

He's a disciple of Martin-Lloyd Jones and teaches exegetical teaching/preaching to other Pastors.

He has a wonderful and humble spirit. A very wise man.

He's on our local station here at 10 pm EST.
Last nite's program was very very good also... or should I say, as always.

Thanks for sharing him.

 2006/2/9 2:07


Annie... WMIT? Where are you in NC? We may be neighbors... got snow on the ground this morning?


 2006/2/9 8:15


Boy, you ARE a busy man.

I can always tell when men have a lot on their plate.

Yeah, remember me telling ya way back ? Naw, cuz yer too busy. :-)

I'm closer to King Jimmy though (No snow) and on some thread, day before yesterday, I posted back to ya that I wish we could all meet up together someday.

That would be REALLY neat. If you could stand a 53 year old with a 5 year old's voice. DUHHH.
That would be moi. :-?

Thanks fer askin'.

Maybe 'someday' huh ?

Edited to add: Then again, yer so busy, you probably won't see this answer neither. :-D

 2006/2/9 15:11


Hey Annie...

A 5 yr old's voice? I dunno... I'm surrounded by the voices of 4 sons everyday... ages 1 - 11. I could probably handle one more little kid voice... LOL.

I live near Asheville, and Black Mountain is about 10 mins up the road, which is where WMIT is... which is what prompted me to ask. I forget that have a transmitter that shoots down toward Charlotte.

Anyway, I love Pastor Begg... he's got a lot of good insight.


 2006/2/9 16:07

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