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 A life devoted to prayer...

Luke 18:1 is I believe a awesome statement about prayer but simple. " always ought to pray.."(KJV) Another translation says "...devoted to prayer..."(NASB) I like that!
Even more because Jesus said it.

Giants of the past-in the Lord had a life of prayer. May God give a life of glorify HIM.


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 Re: A life devoted to prayer...

Along with that, I really like what Colossians 4:2 says about it: "Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with thanskgiving." "Continue earnestly" comes from the Greek word proskartereo, which means to give constant attention or unremitting care to a thing, to perservere, to wait continually upon, to be in constant readiness for. "Being vigilant" is gregareo, which means to give strict attention to, to be active, to take heed lest through remissness and indolence some destructive calamity suddenly overtake one.

I find it interesting that in the big list of Christian virtues that Paul gave in Romans 12:9-21, the only one he ascribed "proskartereo" to was prayer (verse 12). That same Greek word described the early churches activities in Acts 2:42, which lists prayers as one of the top four things that they did. Selah!

Ken Marino

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 Re: A life devoted to prayer...

brent, can you believe this guy ... 13 Posts since 2004/2/17.

It's posts like this that make me wonder if I shouldn't be praying more and posting less.

(I can hear the Amens from here.)

Both you guys ... Thanks, Very timely and great posts.

Lord Bless !

 2006/2/6 20:29

 Re: A life devoted to prayer...

Yes. BOTH great posts. I noticed Luke18:1 recently as I passed by it and am deeply edified by the Greek lesson, Josiah.... Thanks.... :-D

 2006/2/7 5:53

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