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 A prayer that brought revival

Here is a true account by Ducan campbell.

I was met at the pier by the minister, and two of his office bearers. Just as I stepped off the boat an old elder came over to me, and faced me with this question, "Mr. Campbell, can I ask you this question, are you walking with God?" Oh, here were men who meant business. Men who were afraid that a strange hand would touch the ark, "Are you walking with God?" well, I was glad to be able to say, "Well I think I can say this, that I fear God". The dear man looked at me and said, "Well, if you fear God, that will do". Then, the minister turned, and said, "We're sure Mr. Campbell, that you're tired, and you must be longing for your supper, and supper will be ready for you in the manse, but I wonder if you would address a meeting in the Parish church, just on the way to the manse, to show yourself to the people. There'll be a fair congregation, I'm not saying a great number, but, oh anything between two and three hundred I expect. You see, there's a movement among us". Well, it will interest you dear people to know that I never got that supper, because I didn't arrive at the manse until twenty minutes past five in the morning. I went to the church, (now this is the interesting bit, because it deals with the outbreak of God in supernatural powers. The God of miracle reveling Himself in revival.) I preached in the church to a congregation of about three hundred, and I would say a good meeting. A wonderful sense of God, something that I hadn't known since the nine-teen twenty-one movement, but nothing really happened. I pronounced the benediction, and I'm walking down the aisle, when this young man came to me, and said, "Nothing has broken out tonight, but God is hovering over us. He's hovering over us, leave it be, and He'll break through any moment". Well, I must be perfectly honest, I didn't feel anything, but you see here is a man; much nearer to God than I was. Oh, he knew the secrets. We're moving down the aisle, and the congregation is moving out. They're all out now, except this man and myself. He lifted his two hands, and started to pray, "God you made a promise, to pour water on the thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground, and you're not doing it". He prayed, prayed, and prayed again, until he fell again onto the floor in a trance. He's lying there, I'm standing beside him for about five minutes, and then the doors of the church opened, and the session clerk came in. "Mr. Campbell, something wonderful has happened. Revival has broken out. Will you come to the door, and see the crowd that's here? (eleven o'clock mark you, eleven o'clock). I went to the door, and there must have been a congregation of between six, and seven hundred people gathered around the church.

Here was another prayer

"Lord, You made a promise. Are you going to fulfill it? We believe that You are a covenant keeping God. Will You be true to Your covenant? You have said that You will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground. Lord, I don't know how these ministers stand in Your presence, but if I know my own heart I know where I stand, and I tell Thee now that I am thirsty. Oh, I am thirsty for a manifestation of the presence and power of God! And, Lord, before I sit down, I want to tell You that Your honor is at stake!"

"God, on the basis of your promise to pour water on the thirsty, I now take it upon myself to challenge you to fulfill your covenant engagement".

If you want to read the whole message go to.

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 Re: A prayer that brought revival

Thanks Freecd,

I believe this is the audio compliment;

[url=]Revival On The Isle Of Lewis [/url]

Dying of thirst....

Mike Balog

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[url=]When God Stepped Down from Heaven[/url] !!!
by Duncan Campbell

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