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Discussion Forum : General Topics : In what ways do you share the Gospel? (For a DVD)

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Joined: 2006/1/29
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 In what ways do you share the Gospel? (For a DVD)

When I go out downtown and stuff to share the gospel with people and hand out tracts, I like to have something to give to people who say, "Oh, that's ok, I'm a Christian."

So, I am putting together a DVD to give "Christians" that will encourage them to preach the Gospel and also teach them a little doctrine in the process.

I want to get short testimony's from y'all that I could put on the video to encourage and challenge Christians. So please participate.

Here's an example of what I'm looking for, but please just post whatever is on your heart:

"I preach open-air."

Joey - Florida

"I hand out tracts in check out lines, put tracts in phone books, etc."

Jennifer - Washington

Thanks everyone!


 2006/1/29 19:46Profile

Joined: 2005/11/22
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 Re: In what ways do you share the Gospel? (For a DVD)

Hey cdmiller87
I’m making a CD track with the same concept ,one for the lost ,and one for the lukewarm .I got some of the music from / they let you copy any thing for free .They got tons of cool compilations like the revival hymn and some cool videos as well . Don’t know if that helps at all but Its probably worth a look
:-) aaron619

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Not posting any suggestions ... but just wanted to say, Thank you guys for making my face hurt from smiling and one tear from each eye from you both.

God Bless you servants indeed.

 2006/1/29 21:33

Joined: 2006/1/29
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 Door to door evangelism

It could even be something like this:

"One method of Evangelism that I think
is important is door to door."

Ray - Oklahoma

Or if someone has any ideas for the whole concept of this DVD for the purpose of encouraging Christians...

 2006/1/30 19:26Profile

 Re: Door to door evangelism

Caleb, I like going to unsaved forums. (Within 'decent' perimeters), like for Senior Citizens, or Sick folks Forums, or young people forums .... only cuz I'm homebound for the most part and can't hit the streets like we used to.

The Lord would have to lead you on that one. But He can. You could have a bunch of shortcuts on your desktop, and just feel a leading to go to one, just in time to catch a good opportunity to minister the Lord to someone.

It's kinda neat actually. Who knows where something like that could lead for someone with your CD idea and all.

All His Best to ya.

 2006/1/30 21:53

Joined: 2005/10/8
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Roanoke Rapids, NC


Too bad Living Waters and Way of the Master had to start enforcing copyright with some of their materials. Those were always great things to give to Christians.

They still let people copy HELL'S BEST KEPT SECRET and TRUE AND FALSE CONVERSION, though.

These messages brought me to my knees in repentance, and made me truly hunger and thirst for righteousness. They also taught me how to share my faith better and draw stength from God.

Here's a link where you can download both video and audio:


Christopher Wright

 2006/1/30 22:46Profile

Joined: 2005/8/1
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North West England

 Re: In what ways do you share the Gospel? (For a DVD)

Hi Caleb, a few of us in England have been doing just what you're suggesting, only with CD's rather than DVD's. We've got quite a few on the go, the most popular is a CD of 10 Shekles and a shirt, and I put other stuff on the end just to fill up the 80 mins. We also put Dave Wilkerson sermons on from his website, they have free music too. Fire on the altar is great, as is mentioned above, for CD's for non Christians and I collect a few tracks that are similar and fill up a CD. We did one for Christmas with carols on and some messages in between. The possibilities are endless.

And here's a quote from me:

'I find talking to people about Jesus makes me want to get to know Him more so I can show more of Him to people'

Steve - North England

PS, I hope your DVD's are a great help to others


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Joined: 2005/12/28
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In a desert...Central Indiana at the moment

 Re: sharing

I haven't much to add, sadly, but I have been terribly blessed to get some appreciation from ppl in the church when I've given them a cd w/ "I have been checking this out, tell me what you think?" The fireonthealtar site has filled up about 15 or 20 full cds for me so far. I'm going to begin "leaving" them in restaurants, as well. If they are not specifically marked, who WOULDN't listen to see what they had found? ;o)
Anyway, it seems to me, that the greatest need, for MY area, is to equip the saints, and build up our knowledge of the WORD and go love the world. (NOT necessarily in the way they want us to, more like in the way of the TRUTH.)

I hope those of you who are blessed to pray much, will keep us in your prayers, I covet the prayers of the saints, to be granted more strength and boldness. I must be MUCH less concerned with what ppl think. God help me to be an idiot if that's what You require.

 2006/1/31 0:11Profile


abbiegirl, Thank you for your post.

Your sincerity and honesty was very refreshing and your zeal for souls and Truth has really touched me.

"Go Love the World" Amen. Seems that's what's been Written.

We all need to be praying for each other.

Lord Bless.

 2006/1/31 0:28

 Re: In what ways do you share the Gospel? (For a DVD)

I think random acts of kindness is great.

Giving out free ice sickles during a hot day. Or hot chocolate during a cold one. But sadly I dont gots the money.
But still my favorite

 2006/1/31 1:22

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