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WOW thats a lot to think about thanks for your input. When I listen to his teachings Im extremely challenged, and at the same time very caution . I think what most of you said is right on . Ill continue to test him with out condemning his work for the Lord. thank for all your comments and any additional info :-)

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I am glad to hear that there is someone who has actually been there with David Hogan and seen what he says to be true. Even though I have never met him personally, I have met other missionaries who live there in mexico who have said he is the real thing...and I know they are for real and would not lie or exagerate.

I am surprised that so many people, who grow up in our society with all the benefits of american life, are so quick to speak evil of someone who comes from a perspective that is obviously foreign to us. Now for those who say they have listened to him because they have seen him in their church, but have never actually been there in mexico and seen the things he talks about, I say it is foolishly premature to critique the mans testimony having never been there. What I find interesting is that those who have been there, those who stay for a while and experience, they are no longer so quick to cast him out as a heretic. They actually become more on fire for God and acknowledge that God does indeed work in awesome supernatural ways.

I can understand how we here in America are quick to spit insults at others with a different life experience they we do. However, life in the world is not limited to the american experience. Please...for those who don't like the way David comes across, consider what he says and pray about it and seek God. Just quit criticizing him just because his zealousness exceeds our own.

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AARON619 wrote:
come on no ones has an opinion on this guy

I suppose I have nothing to loose, as I line up on the Incorrect side of everything else.
I have been in about 12 of his meetings over the years.
I first saw him in 1998 at a bible college.

It was so awesome it changed my life.

Does he have negatives?

He has been through some heavy stuff in Mexico and his closest friend was martyred just a few years ago. It really rocked him.

He cares nothing of opinion and he says he will die in Mexico.

He claims over 300 raised from the dead and I believe him.

I have videos of him and can tell his stories almost as good as Dave himself.


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Here is a story from memory;

There is a village in Mexico where a mother and her two teenage daughters reside.
A sickness came ( sarrapio negro) and killed about half the village. Including the woman's two teenage daughters.
Well in Mexico everyone takes care of their own dead. But there were so many dead that they dug mass graves.
She had to hike about half a days journey to get a sack of lime to pour on top of the dead girls bodies.(to help with containing the disease) It would be a couple of days before they got to the girls.(for burial)

She said to herself "I have got to go get the man of God." The closest church was one Dave started about one days walk away. So she set out to find the man of God.
When she got there it was the next day and the church was having a pastors conference. She told the pastors what happened and they said "we cant go right now because of the conference. and tomorrow we are going to pray all night because we are in an extended fast.


Well,they finally said to her "ok it is time to go"

So they hiked all day to get back to where those two teenage girls were. They were almost ready to be buried when they arrived.

This is now the third day.

They had the two girl laying by the grave still completely covered with lime.

Now those two pastors who had just finished the conference and fast had been praying all night.

Each of the pastors straddled those two teenage girls covered in lime and commanded them back to life.



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 Re: Mr. Hogan...

I agree with ccchhhrrriiisss. though I must admit I have never met him personally, though I have had daily contact with a couple of his devotee's several years ago. I have watched 10-15 videos of him, and I observed a great deal of self promotion, and an experiential rather than a word based minister. He seemed almost angry, and above the "non committed" Americans, and often bragged of his physical prowess and toughness, and how Americans cannot endure the real conditions for true Apostolic ministry in the wild. It seemed he enjoyed seeing soft Americans stumble , and maybe broken in the harsh Indian areas of Mexico, and was very proud of his Apostolic toughness. It showed.

Much of every session was devoted to this type of thing. He came off arrogant to me, and obsessed with a macho head, pony tail, boots, etc,, that reminded me of standard east L.A. uniform for the MAN.

That seems petty, I know, but mixed in with almost no Word from the Bible, no real Holy Spirit Power, and a constant flow of testimony of the miraculous to validate the left-overs, I too was turned off. He also didn't really show any compassion as to your ability to receive these testimonies, but set them up as a wall to validate everything else he bragged on." I'm an Apostle, see, I just told you why, and I don't need you or anyone else to receive me, because , isn't it evident God does?",, kind of attitude.

I think I can see humility, and we all fail, I know, but I don't think it is one of Hogan's strong points.He claims his ministry is responsible for SCORES of resurrections from the dead, hundreds and hundreds of deliverance's and miracle healings.

Paul, the greatest of Apostles, preached nothing but CHRIST, AND HIM CRUCIFIED. To me, the uplifting of the man Christ Jesus is the acid test in the testimony and life of any preacher, minister, brother or sister, and Jesus admonished us that we will know them by their fruit. KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUIT. ...Love cannot be hidden. Peace, from the Prince of Peace , cannot be hidden. Joy, compassion, meekness, temperance; all of these are obvious. Beware of any one that wants to gain your affections or acceptance on any other terms.

Remember Jesus' words at the Judgement to those who came bearing their deeds to Him; "Did not we do many mighty works, Lord, did not we heal many?"..."Jesus answers;I never knew you, you who work lawlessness." That is apart from knowing Him, where if we do know Him, it is impossible NOT to bear fruit.

I am not Hogan's judge, thank God, but I am responsible to judge fruit and doctrine, that will protect me from deception, as is every Christian. I hope that many will know Jesus as Lord through that ministry, but if it is a one man show, it shouldn't be. I must be responsible, out of Love, for myself, and those entrusted to me, and those I ought to influence for the good of Christ. I would counsel my own son to avoid him. Also, the two devotees I spoke of; I do not believe they are saved, and do not consider them brothers. They are lost cult members at the last contact I've had.

This could be the most negative post I've given to date to some, but I was asked my opinion, so take it for what it's worth; my opinion. It would be interesting to hear from the couple who were there for a season, and others who had left, or ministered there. I would like for my opinion to be proven dead wrong, for I will rejoice in any authentic Apostolic ministry today, for God knows, how we need the true Apostles, dripping with power and life for us in the FAMINE...........BUT......I know that when they appear, they will not be filled with themselves or their conquests, but with the lowly yoke of the Lamb, and His glory and Conquests. Brother Tom


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 Re: David Hogan?

The controversy brother is because devils hate God and people who will submit to the Holy Ghost and use the authority they have in Christ to damage the devils kingdom.

I rebuke anyone on here who looks down on this man. You go and lay your life down for Christ and give up your home and your wife and your children and everything you have and your pride and all that you are and lay it down at the foot of the Cross and go to those who have not heard the name of Jesus and give your life for those people. Then you come on here and make a post and make negative comments about an imperfect human who has done great things for Christ.

You go and see the dead raised, the blind eyes being opened, and thousands coming into the kingdom then you come and judge people who have done such things for God and have shared much about it. If you haven't done that then go back to your bed room in your own shame and repent and humble yourself and surrender yourself to God and forsake all to follow Jesus and start believing what the Word of God says.

If you are not doing what the Bible says you should be doing, then don't make comments that are negative about people who are doing what God said to do. "GO" into all the world and preach the Gospel to every living creature. Jesus didn't say keep what job you want and I will follow you. He said: If any man will come after me let him pick up his cross and follow ME. Shame on people who discredit people who are going to the unreached, people who are out of touch with God and who are not willing to reach the lost at any cost. May God convict you to GO to the multitudes who haven't heard about Jesus and proclaim Christ to those who are now set to burn in flames eternally separated from God in eternal "never ending" torment where the worm dies not and where the fire is not quenched.

I am sick of theological cowards that aren't willing to go to lands who are serving idols and give up there lives for Jesus. There are hundreds of millions waiting to hear the message "Jesus Christ is Lord" and we are going to have to give an account of what we have done. We need to repent and go after the lost sheep who are trapped with no laborers to reach them.

Examine yourself to see if you are in the faith


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i, like many here, have mixed feelings about mr hogan. on one hand i am encouraged and challenged to believe God deeper and totally trust in Him alone for everything. on the other hand, some of the stories that i have listened to on cd and seen on videos seem a little out there.. he did come to my church last fall, and much like the fellow that said that he was like a macho tough apostolic image put forth with little grace, this seemed very accurate.

what is he really like?? i don't know. are his stories 100% true?? don't know.

i think that many of you guys gave good opinions on what you have seen and heard on both sides of the issue. the best thing that we can do is to trust that the Holy Spirit really can lead and guide our hearts if we place all our trust and hope in the Lord. let us take all our cares and all we have unto Him and He will help us and hold us. He is faithful brothers and sisters..

but i wouldn't condemn others because they don't agree with my stance or my opinion. nor would i condemn them because they still live in america and have not left to be a missionary somewhere. not all people all called to uproot their families and live in a jungle in a foreign country.

just a thought.


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one thing to keep in mind when"discerning Hogan is that his ministry is mainly to the Aztec Indians in Mexico.
He goes into places others do not dare go.He eats things you would not even look at.He drinks ugly water and his passion for them outweighs even his own family.

He gets frustrated by the lack of missionaries in the jungle. It is dangerous and hazardous to go where he goes.

He is sort of a drill sargent and in a way the weak get culled before he takes them to the really rough places.

He inspires some and infuriates others but his harshness is calculated in that he wants help but there are only a handfull that can hack the jungle and the awful food and the awful water.

On top of all this the witch doctors have been there forever. Strong principalities hinder him and have influenced the indigenous people for many,many years.

He tears down their fetishes and demon alters when he finds them and he has powerful enemies with these demon priests.

More than once they have chanted demon curses over him as he was praying for the sick.

One story I heard hogan pressed his nose against the nose of a witch doctor and cursed his god.

Just keep this in mind when you try to understand Mr hogan.

He is totally out of most everyone league.


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Hi David...

Are you basing this upon personal experience with David Hogan or simply upon the claims that he makes? Have you been to Mexico with him?

I have been to Mexico on various missions trips and met some great men of God. However, most of the missionaries and local pastors there do not believe the tales told by David Hogan. Some very bluntly call him an opportunist who exaggerates his "work" with unsubstantiated tales of the supernatural.

Interestingly, Mexican television and newspapers are filled with stories that chase claims of the supernatural. Every time a person sees an image of the Virgin Mary on a tortilla, reporters flock to the scene. The media in Mexico also covers stories that are anti-Catholic too. Yet why has there never been a story about one of the supposedly 300-500 people that David Hogan claims to have raised from the dead? Why is he the only guy who can remember talking with a giant owl? Why does he tell stories about the devil chasing him through a village (with Satan even opening and closing gates) when we are told to not fear the devil? Why does he claim that people who are not "slain in the spirit" are "fighting the Holy Spirit?" Why does he say that those who are not healed do not receive healing because of their "lack of faith in the Holy Ghost" -- when Jesus healed many "sinners?"

Please understand that I am not attacking Mr. Hogan. I just feel that we should be cautious with any such tales. Yes, God can raise the dead. But not everyone who makes such a claim has truly raised the dead. We should not be moved based simply on the stories told by those who claim to be apostles or workers of miracles. Likewise, we should not be moved by blatant unwarranted criticism either. However, I have seen believers who took David Hogan's stories as "unquestionable truth" ever since he became well known during his days at the "Toronto Blessing."

I have sat through several meetings with David Hogan. The meetings that I attended were very similar to those described by [url=]this man[/url]. I left those meetings deeply troubled. While Mr. Hogan attempted to perform miracles in the meetings, there weren't any except for the typical "slain in the spirit" crowds that are evident in many churches. The meetings were filled with "holy laughter," people "slain in the spirit" who were "knocked on the head by God" (as Hogan put it) and quickly got back up on their feet, people in wild convulsions as they felt "holy fire" burning all over them, etc... What was lacking, however, were signs of heartfelt repentance and intense hunger to know the heart of the Lord. Sure, there was a lot of supposedly supernatural stuff going on (and boy were people seeking THAT). However, I didn't see anyone come to those meetings who left with a stronger walk with or hunger for God.

I know that this sounds like a criticism of David Hogan. However, it is actually an observation of his meetings. It is a testimony of what I have heard from very humble pastors and missionaries in Mexico. It has less to do with a criticism of Hogan and more to do with a "testing" of his claims.



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his preaching and ministry is open. He has teams that go down there and the churches I am sure confirm his testimonies.

I dont see the miracles in Mexico as a tribute to Hogan but to the power of the risen savior.

Any of us could go and see the same thing.


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