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Discussion Forum : General Topics : David Hogan?

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Joined: 2005/11/22
Posts: 22

 David Hogan?

I was listening to some of David Hogans teaching ,they sounded good. However I later heard of all the controversy . Just wondering what you guys think ,or if any one has any insight on him?
Thanks aaron

 2006/1/25 23:57Profile

Joined: 2005/11/22
Posts: 22

 Re: David Hogan?

come on no ones has an opinion on this guy

 2006/1/26 15:32Profile


Hogan... yea, he's my hero. Hogan's Heroes! ...get it?

This is the first I've heard of him, but I'll look into him. What ministry is he associated with?


 2006/1/26 15:35

Joined: 2005/8/8
Posts: 256

 Re: David Hogan?

I don't know a lot about him, but have heard some of his teaching also. He is definately out of the box and would be radical in the eyes of religion, no doubt. He ministers mainly in a remote area of ?Mexico, I think. He claims to have witnessed tremendous miracles including eyes being formed where there were none and dead raising. Many dispute his testimony. What they base that on, I'm not quite sure since I don't think anyone of them were actually there. Perhaps since they have not seen such miracles with their own eyes they do not believe, but the Word tells us believers will do such great miracles. Yes!

Critics are never in short supply. He sort of reminds me of Heidi Baker in that they seem to be actually doing, living what scripture has commanded to us. Heidi Baker came from a wealthy family. She left all of those comforts to minister to, feed, clothe and make disciples in a place few would be willing to even visit. I don't know about David's background but he obviously has also chosen to live with less in this life to reach an otherwise ignored and forgotten people.

Is he for real? That is for God to decide. I hope he is. If he isn't. I would hate to be in his shoes. It seems a dangerous thing to me to so easily tear down and criticize a minister of the gospel. Sure I have heard things taught by some ministers that put a check in my spirit but what if I am wrong and I have cursed what God has appointed and anointed? Hmm, not good either. NOt to say there are of course some fruit loops out there that are obviously of another spirit. I am not talking about that. I am speaking of these "discernment ministries" who make it a point to investigate and pick apart other ministries with a fine tooth comb looking for any t that is not crossed so they can "expose" the false teachers. This is ridiculous and I would like to know what ministry, preacher, teacher has the 100% right doctrine. We must each let the Holy Spirit in the light of God's Word show us what is good and true. Let's leave the witch hunts behind.

I hope I do not come across as suggesting that you were criticizing David Hogan. I realize you obviously did not but so many do. Others that come to mind would be Micheal Brown and Steve Hill. I know there have been several threads concerning these men and Brownsville as of late as well as of old. I have not taken the time to follow them as it generally just grieves my spirit, but I do wonder if this has been mentioned. I have heard both Mike Brown and Steve Hill refer to Ravenhill (whom is held in high regard on this forum, and he should be) as a friend and mentor to them and as having personal conversations with the man. Just wondering if anyone else has picked up on this tid bit. It seems that Ravenhill did not have a problem with them.


 2006/1/26 16:26Profile

Joined: 2003/11/23
Posts: 4293

 Re: David Hogan?

Hi Aaron...!

David Hogan is based just down the road from my University (about an hour away). And yes, I have attended some of David Hogan's meetings. And unfortunately, I did not like them at all.

We've covered this topic in the past extensively. If you use the SEARCH feature, you can type in DAVID HOGAN, and you will find some of those previous threads. I wrote about my experiences in those other threads. Again, I was quite saddened and disgusted during those meetings.


I said that I was "saddened and disgusted" because much of what he preached was [i][u]extra-Biblical[/u][/i]. His stories were very imaginative (including being talked to by a huge owl, and getting "chased" by Satan -- who was polite enough to open and close the Church gate). It was also the first time that I was ever "pushed" down by a preacher (who even preached that if you didn't fall down, then you were "fighting the Holy Ghost"). He made the entire Church come up to the stage, side by side, where he quickly pushed on our foreheads. He pushed on my rather hard -- while two of his men pulled me down by the shoulders. Needless to say, I was quite embarrassed, angry and saddened at the same time!


 2006/1/26 19:18Profile

Joined: 2004/2/5
Posts: 118
West Monroe, Louisiana

 Re: David Hogan?

He comes to my area each year...back from the field. He has family here. (Northeast Louisiana)

I've heard him a few times.

He's say the least...radical. He doesn't put up with or tolerate the Worldy Church.

Real or Not? I don't know. I saw nothing wrong with his services, but I wasn't blown away either.

Some of his stories are rather bizarre..for lack of a better term. But who am I to question what goes on in some of the jungles of Mexico?

Having never been there, I can't say. He preached the Truth with a firey passion when I saw him.

Just my two cents... :-)

In Christ,



 2006/1/26 20:23Profile

Joined: 2006/1/16
Posts: 180
Winslow, Az

 Re: Young people

I have some serious concerns about Mr. Hogan. I've only heard him speak once. A lot of emotional rowdiness, and not much more.

I met this young couple who were absolutely precious. The young lady was pregnant. Yet all they wanted to do was go to the mission field, regardless of the cost. They went to serve with David Hogan.
They were made to sleep on the earth in a hut, and work from dawn to dusk in a corn field. There was no care of assistance of any kind for the young lady. Most of the time, she was seperated from her husband.They came home crushed.
I have no desire to visit Mr. Hogan or listen to his messages.


Lahry Sibley

 2006/1/27 8:18Profile

Joined: 2006/1/27
Posts: 2


Just wanted to say that I have spent time with David Hogan and have seen some of the things he reports with my own eyes. He is for real. Most of the people I have met that have negative opinions of him have formed those opinions from reading negative Blogs, or have heard him teach and were turned off because they like there plush american lifestyle that he so readily attacks.
I am very aware of the lifestyle that the missionaries live with down there, and am dissapointed to see a post about a couple where the wife was pregnant. The info provided was very missleading. What he was refering to where they worked in the field and lived in a dirt hut is language school. The language school he sends all of his missionaries to is in mexico, it is a 1 year commitment, and you live just like the people you are going to minister to. You work in the field half the day and learn spanish the remainder.
As far as the emotional style he uses when he preaches, that is a matter of personal taste i think. I like his layed back aproach. I don't like a style where the preacher gets up and looks down on the congregation like he is better then them.
If you don't like him because of his style, remember to sort out the precious from the holy, for God offends the mind to reveal the heart. I have to remind myself of that all the time. With regards to what some call being slain in the spirit. I don't know what to tell you, I have been persoally prayed for by david and many of the missionaries that work with him, I have never resisted, but also have never gone down by the spirit or by the physical push of a man.
Its sad that the ministers of God take time to take down a man doing Gods. David is a man, not perfect, but completely sold out to Jesus and the fruit of his ministry is great. People born again where the organized church failed because they refuse to do simple things like eat the food that is put before them(a huge offense to the people he ministers to).
I would be curious to know how many people that have a negative opinion of him have actually been to the work and have spent time with him, not just a 10 minute conversation, but real time. We can all form opinions on the opinions of others, but the fruit of the man tells the real story.
If you want to know more about him visit

 2006/1/27 11:02Profile

Joined: 2003/11/23
Posts: 4293

 Mr. Hogan...

Hi jsolson...!

I disagree. I attended many of David Hogan's meetings because he conducted a series of meetings at the Church that I attended. My dislike for his "style" or "methods" had little to do with this distrust of his "ministry." I have traveled through Mexico with authentic missionaries to the Tarahumara in the Sierra Madre Occidental. We were forced to endure difficult circumstances, which all of us gladly accepted. Yet the things that I witnessed were awe-inspiring. But it is interesting that many of the most humble ministers and missionaries that I know from Mexico do not think very much about David Hogan.

At the services that I attended, David Hogan indeed came across as a self-promoter. But that wasn't what bothered me so much. It bothered me that David Hogan preached extremely extra-Biblical charismatic doctrine -- all the while proclaiming himself as "[i]the man of God[/i]." He left no room for disagreement (or [i]testing[/i]) of his particular views.

His tales from Mexico were also quite controversial. He talked about having a huge demon-possessed owl speak to him, and actually question him about "who" he thought he was -- and tell him that he couldn't have their town (alot like what alot of charismatic ministers claim to hear from demons). He also spoke about a time where he was walking from the Church to the huts, and how the gate opened and closed behind him. He knew it was the devil, so he ran saying, "The Devil is coming! The Devil is coming!" He told many other tales that were, well, weird. But you know what? Some people did exactly what they were told and "[i]did not question[/i]" the "man of God."

His doctrine was quite interesting. He wore his bandana, a cowboy hat, boots and Wranglers, and complained that Christian people "dress up" to go to Church. I thought it was funny since the meetings mostly took place at night, and there is no need for a hat or bandana since there is no sun (inside the building). He preached about [i]signs, wonders and miracles[/i] -- although none took place at our church during those two weeks (other than the people that were "slain in the Spirit). When the sick were not healed, Mr. Hogan boldly claimed it was because there was such a "lack of faith" in America. He also scolded the congregation, saying that if you didn't "fall down" when he prayed for you, then you were "fighting the Holy Spirit." Needless to say, most of the congregation "fell down" when he brought them on stage. Mr. Hogan constantly complained about the "plush American lifestyle" amongst believers -- and how Americans can't trust God to take care of them. Yet he then proceeded to take up numerous offerings for support. Hmmm. It was interesting that God was not "taking care" of him with the offerings from Mexico.

His messages were simplistic -- and reminded me of a TBN prosperity message mingled with some of the "Toronto Blessing" (of which Mr. Hogan said he was involved), and a little of the "scolding of America" style of preaching.

I am not saying that David Hogan is a "false preacher" or a "wolf in sheep's clothing." But he very well may be misled himself. I believe that, as believers, we are commended to "test everything" in all matters of faith, life and doctrine. The messages from "preachers" such as David Hogan is no exception. He lives about an hour down the road from my University, and I have often thought about finding his ministry headquarters. It would be interesting to discuss my concerns with him, and see how he answers such concerns.



 2006/1/27 11:28Profile

Joined: 2006/1/27
Posts: 2

 Re: Mr. Hogan...

I am sorry to here the report that you bring, it dissapoints me to here you say things that he said in the meetings you were in. I have been in many meetings with him in several places around the US and never heard him say or imply that you are resisting God by not falling down. And i have heard the story where he said the devil is coming, although the way you say the one fraise is some what misleading i think. Yes his stories are very far out there, I think the word is supernatural - but then again so are many of the stories in the bible - throw a stick in the water to make a axe head float? Didn't saul see and talk to a spirit. I have never heard about him talking to an owl and i have approximatley 200 hours of audio and video of his preaching. My experiences in Mexico with him and the missionaries that work with him only confirm what preaching i have heard. Like I said he is a man and maybe emotion got the better of him when he was with you. I have seen those that were dead and are now not, and talked to them. And as far as his attitude to americans, I hold it as well and i am one. I talk to people who say they believe in and trust Jesus for there wellbeing, but say they can't live with out health ins. What a pile of balogny, what will they do on the day that there is no more health care like 90% of the rest of the world. Maybe the reason there are more miricles in Mexico then here is because they have no fallback if God doesn't work as they want. I have seen great miracles because i have been in situations where ins. and/or money could not fix the problem.
In anycase you are right, we are to test everything, I find nothing unscriptural in what he is teaching and encouraging us to do. I'm not sure what you here him teaching, but i here him teaching odedience to Jesus and the spirit, live a pure and holy life putting everything under the feet of Jesus, and believe.
I had to stop in the middle of writing this to visit with a customer who came into my shop. I know who he is, but do not really know him. He said the reason he came into my shop was because he recognized me as a follower of Jesus. I can directly attribute encouragement from David and his preaching to who I am today and thank Jesus for his input into my life.
Allthough he talks about gifts of the spirit alot, we are not to judge a man on his words or gifts, but by his fruit - Love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. I see all of these fruits in Davids life, so there is no doubt to me that he is following Jesus.
I think the problem that most people have with him is that we see the power of God in Davids life and those he has taught, and we are either jealous of him or don't believe it is possible. The answer is simple - These signs will follow those who believe.....

 2006/1/27 13:49Profile

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