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May I suggest something? I believe your story and you should get it printed. Some of my reservation against tracts (while still a non-Christian) had to do with outdated stories and language as well as cheap design and print, it was a major hurdle to the content, but something relevant like, "this happened to so and so on that(recent)date", would have drawn more of my attenion. I think I might not have written it off so easily.

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For those who might be interested, see, To Hell and Back by Dr Maurice Rawlings.

There a video online and a book.

For those who are not interested, they are still there.

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Just to bring a bit of balance here, I work in the death care industry and deal with this sort of thing daily. The truth is that the vast majority of people go into eternity peacefully - and this includes athesists, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, catholics and others whom we would automatically suspect to be screaming in hellfire as soon as they took their last breath. But 99% percent of all humanity just "drifts off" without any comment at all. That's just the way it is, and the cold, boring truth.

Beware of preachers who use deathbed scare tactics, but also beware of preachers who extoll the deathbed glories of glimpses into paradise. These too almost never happen. Chances are, the preacher is passing down a story he was told or something he read out of a Charles Finney sermon. But, Ginny, I believe what you said about your uncle (he was your uncle, right?). It's just that this sort of deathbed drama is very, very rare and more of the exception than the rule.

Of course, we all know that hell exists, moribund screams of terror or not. But I think a bit of reality from someone who observes death daily should be brought here. In fact, I encourage you to ask other morticians - or any doctor or nurse who pronounces death on a regular basis, and I know they will tell you the same. Death often comes without fanfare, and the most ungodly, reprobate people 99% of the time die with the same peaceful expressions on their faces as the most religious. Unfair right?

Paul Frederick West

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Paul, you said this thread needs some balance...I will share one more incident..

I have a friend and her name is Sharon. We grew up together, she was a bishop's daughter. I visited in their home many times.

Sharon's mother, Wilma, was diagnosed with cancer, I think it was, and died shortly thereafter.

Wilma was hospitalized and when dying was surrounded by her husband and three children. As she approached her last moments she was very excited. She saw familiar people, heaven, heard music...she was very animated with these sights. She would keep saying "Oh, don't you see that? Don't you heard that beautiful music?" She was so excited with pleasure and delight that when she drew her last breath the family was so subdued they knew they were in the presence of the LORD. Soon after her passing they all left the room and informed the nurses at the desk that mom had died and to call the undertaker....These nurses looked at this calm family with wonder....

I saw our daughter die, my mother-in-law and then dad. Their deaths were quiet - just like Paul said. Yes, these manifestations may be rare but even 1% is significant when you consider that thousands die every day...

Enid, I am glad you mentioned that book "To Hell and Back". It is an excellent read.

Eternity is real and so are the glories of heaven. When one focus on its glories and being with the Saviour eventually it makes all this foolishness - politics, etc - we have to deal with daily seem so trivial! Obedience then becomes an act of delight and joy, does it not?

God bless!


Sandra Miller

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