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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


You guys, and ladies, build me up, and sharpen my axe in this forum. Let's keep up the good work and I'll see all you saints in the Kingdom, if not before!

Bless you dear brother for your wonderful testimony. We overcome the devil by the word of testimony and the blood of the lamb! I do pray that the audio resources and the forum discussions really do build you up in the knoweldge of Jesus Christ and that you will be an effective and powerful weapon in the hands of the Lord.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/7/22 11:42Profile

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The Netherlands

 Re: Webmaster's Testimony.

Hi Greg,

thanks for sharing those things:) It's really an encouragement to me! To see how God can use people. God sees the heart, and can use you even when you don't expect it!




 2005/7/25 7:51Profile


Outta all the times i've been here i never read this. That was great. Very uplifting. God used the "Romans Road" in part to convict you.

I know alot of people but I dont think i can remember someone being saved from Weed/Anger/Drinking. I know anger, and drinking but I cant remember anyone smoking weed.

It's great hear how God touches different people, in different places, in different times. How glorious it is to hear someone adopted into the Family of God.


 2005/8/31 18:37

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Southern California

 Re: God's Purposes in our lives.

Sister, I too have had some ideas for a new business.

Lately, it's been so much in my mind, I accidentally laid out a fleece for God.

I asked God to keep the ideas flowing, and frequently in my mind, and then I would know I was to go ahead.

Now that this has happened, I am going ahead, but putting out another fleece! This time, I'm asking God to take away the ideas if it is not what He want's me to do.

I put out both fleeces without even knowing that I was doing it!

But while I make plan's, I will be waiting to see if the inspiration dries up. If it does, I will know not to go in that direction.

These kind of life changes must be talked over with God. I'm not saying put out a fleece - I did that in complete innocence that I was doing it. Only as I began to write to you did God show me that what I had asked Him to do was putting out the opposite fleece, of the first one, and that not an hour ago, in a note to a friend.

I feel just like Gideon, not knowing what I am to do, and unfortunately, God isn't talking out loud to me about this.

I do know that when God wanted me to start my web ministry, TilKingdom.Com, to try and reach the unchurched, uncommitted, and backslidden friends and relatives of churchgoers, He pried me out of bed at three in the morning with what I felt was a red hot rod in my diaphragm, lifting me off the bed, and I heard him say 'Write!'

God will tell you what to do. Just ask Him, and don't do anything irreversible until you hear from Him.

With blessings and prayer for a quick answer from the Lord for you.

Forrest Anderson

 2007/3/9 2:24Profile

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Southern California

 Re: Webmaster's Testimony.


I know it may not seem this way, but you have had a blessed shortening of the way to a full life in Christ.

I was baptised at 15, and due to the circumstances of the baptism, the devil used it to get me to run from church straight into the occult.

Jesus held onto me anyway, teaching me immense amounts of God Stuff, and allowing me to go through trials that I can't talk about yet in public...I am too ashamed. Considering how much I do talk about my life, and how much I reveal, it was very bad. Not drugs, but everything else you can think of.

But for the year before I had an auto crash which the devil meant for my death, I had been praying to God for peace of mind and comfort of spirit.

That will be twelve years ago in June. My life is completely changed, and all in God's direction. I lost a lot - spouse, successful business, brain power (I had brain damage until God gave me miracles to put me in charge of me), the pride of life, my looks (it's amazing what twelve years of enforced sitting will do to your waistline, and going from 40 to 52 has been a shock, especially since I don't remember the time passing!)

I still have short term memory problems, but God is slowly changing that, my physical difficulties, everything.

What a blessing for you to get it all over by the time you were 21, and on course for God with this great ministry.

And what a blessing you are to us.

I thank God for you, and your ministry.

May God bless and keep you in His hand, and on track for the life He wants for you.


Forrest Anderson

 2007/3/9 2:40Profile

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 Re: Webmaster's Testimony.

Your testimony has been such an encouragement to me.
I have been praying and standing in Faith for the regeneration of a friend.
God gave me Word after Word through the scriptures to confirm to me that He will in fact confront my friend and cause a hunger and longing for Truth.
In his current situation it appears impossible. He is a man who is extremely knowledgable of the Bible and the Law as it pertains to protect and support "his" issues.
He honestly believes he is living a life pleasing unto God, yet he is full of pride and unforgiveness, anger, bitterness etc...which is intensified by his drinking.
I have bought him a couple of study Bibles over the years, and he only once in a while picks them up...but it is usually to find scripture to substantiate/justify why he does what he does...
As I read testimonies as your's, I am encouraged that no matter what state a man's mind or heart is in, God can and will use any means to arrest the attention of the individual He is in pursuit of.
Just when I think I am going to give up, and stop praying, I will "happen" upon (of course Spirit prompted) to read or hear about a transformation that God has done in the life of one who seemed "so far away"...
I know it took a lot to lay that testimony out for all to see, but LIFE has come from that obedience of your's.
May God continue to POUR out His Spirit and Anointing and Newness of Life into your spirit...and others will come to know Him thru you and God will be Glorified...
Is there any greater goal than for God to be Glorified?!!!!!

 2007/3/28 22:43Profile

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 Re: Webmaster's Testimony.

Glory to Christ! It is encouraging to read this again

 2007/3/29 6:20Profile

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Just found this... Worthy is the Lamb!! Your testimony, Brother Gordon, is very uplifting and inspiring. God's power is amazing. God bless!

I really love to read the testimonies on this site...of the real thing!

 2012/2/19 11:25Profile

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Brother Greg, I am sure there are lots of testimonies out there similar to yours, matter fact, I thought that was my testimony you wrote. Well Brother, we are the kind of folks God can use the best.I really used to beat myself up over my past,until one day my 18 year old son said, Dad life is to unsure to have regrets, wow! that statement and the Lord Jesus Christ, took away all the pain of the past. My biggest struggle today since my divorce of 38 years is, the same struggle most Christian men have, telling the women no. I have even been asked if I was gay when I said no. I just pray God helps me with this, I just don't know how much longer I can say no, but so for so good.

Mr. Bill

 2012/2/19 12:59Profile

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 Re: Webmaster's Testimony.

I really appreciate your testimony Greg,

Thank you for shareing it.

It is a blessing to hear what God has done or is doing in one's life.

He is alive and working,...always encouraging,..

Bless you,in being built up, and strengthened more and more in Him,...
I feel we all will need it in the days to come.


 2012/2/19 20:18Profile

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