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In a desert...Central Indiana at the moment


Greetings, Sibs in Christ;
I have been here many times, and I love the wealth of Godly insight and exhortations available. I have become accustomed to burning many copies of various speakers, (with a few being my favorites, ie M. Brown, S. Hill, B. Gladstone to name a few) and giving them out to whomever I feel led to....sometimes I have given them to pastors in my church, and I'm ever grateful that they are recieved and HEARD....
I want to request your prayers, if I may. I KNOW the Lord, or I have. I WANT that closeness again. I feel like I'm "working up" something when I confess to Him, and pray. I hope that some will intercede for me, even as I know Jesus is, for us all, that I might KNOW Him again, and MORE. I have become the Spiritual head of our home, and I want to have the POWER of the Holy Spirit, even just to raise my children to be the men of God that they are going to be. I believe that the Lord Almighty has much more for me to do, than simply raising these children, but for now I am only able to focus on my inner battles and directing them.
I pray that He may open my heart and rip out the stone-coldness, and shave off the callouses. I WANT it, but it's not enough to WANT it.....


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 Re: Tongue-Tied?

Hi abbiegrrl...!

I am praying for you.

Whenever I start to feel like I have lost something in my walk with Christ, I go take a walk alone. In south Texas, this is very easy. I take a walk at night and watch the stars, and I remember how small I am in the light of eternity. But it also reminds me that God is limitless -- that He created it all!

I also read some passages, like Philippians chapter 2 and 3. "[i]I want to know him...[/i]"



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 Re: Tongue-Tied?

There is nothing hidden nor needs to be, that is not brought forth into the light, by Almighty God. The Lord knows the way that you take, meaning that he knows exactly where you are at. (James 1:17 & Job 23:10)

The same power that raised Jesus from the Dead is the same Power that is able to raise us up. This is not to say that we in any way shape or form are worthy to count ourselves as his equal in sufferings and in wounds, God forbid. But, because he is our ultimate example that the same power that was available back then, is still available now in him.


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Hi abbiegrrl,

Glad that you posted an welcome message! its great to hear that you have been blessed by this ministry and are a part of what God is doing here. That is great to burn materials on cds and hand them out I wish everyone that downloaded materials off this site did that!! it would be a revolution imagine all the lives that could be changed. Perhaps more people will begin to do this and start their own CD ministry by giving out cds for free to people they know.

I am not sure if you have but if you haven't download this message by Paris Reidhead: Ten Shekels and a Shirt.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Joined: 2005/12/28
Posts: 24
In a desert...Central Indiana at the moment

 Scattering seed, and sharing the "wealth'

Ty for the greeting! I HAVE been blessed here, adn i will do my best to remain for a bit. I did not come up with the idea of handing out the cds, I got it from'm certain you all here know of that place. :oD YAAYYY!! But, I have that smoldering in my bones--PRAISE GOD--and I'm doing what I see in front of me to do. (Hoping to grow less short-sighted this year. lol)But I had to say hello, and thanks for the replies, all.
Check this out, today my Pastor just "happened" to preach about the things I've been chewing on, from Romans 13, ie the church needs to WAKE UP and get READY....and the like. It's SO sweet that God lets me "get it" like that sometimes. Confirmation, I s'pose.
So, can you tell me of any other sites similar to A. Strom's?? And, did I hear him @ Brownsville a few years ago? He sounds SO familiar.


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