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 What’s your life worth?

What’s your life worth?

"What's it going to be like for you if one day you die, and you've been good and you make it in, and on that final day, you look around and there is that table you heard all about, and its time for the marriage supper of the lamb, and the angels are gathering around and their placing everyone in their seats. "listen come here this is where you are to be seated during the marriage supper" so you sit down and you don't recognize anyone around but they're all former Christians, all on fire, people that got saved sometime in their life and they made it in, and across from you is a little girl, and you look at her and you say "hi what's your name?'

and she says "Rebecca"

so you ask "Rebecca where are you from?"

She says"Rome"

And you say " Rebecca, would you talk to me for just a few minutes on how you got here?"

She says " well we had a real hard life, my daddy when I was 8 yrs old, I had to go to this big arena and I watched lions eat my daddy.... With my own eyes I watched lions eat my daddy. They killed him because my dad loved Jesus.... and I've never cried so much in my life as I did that day.... two days later they came back for me and my brother and they took us to the same arena where my daddy died, and there was thousands of people cheering. They paraded us into the arena, AND THERE WE NO ONE THERE BUT JUST US IN THAT BIG ARENA and all the people, and then I looked around and I saw all these doors open up around the arena, and out of every door came lions, and I've never been so scared in my life, THEY HAD TOLD ME that if I just denied Jesus... I could live...but I couldn't do that...he was my REASON FOR LIVING......... I died that day, the angels came and ushered me into heaven, and I've been waiting here for the marriage supper, this is so special"

And then she says "and how about you? What's your story?"

Friend look, you better have one, you better have one, you better be able to say something......."

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