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 Re: Recommend your favorite books for my library.

You have been given worthy recommendations so far I hope my suggestions are as good as what has already been given.
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Classic Christianity Bob George
The Soulwinner C.H. Spurgeon
Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis
and my most recent and by far the most powerful in my life at this point:
Azusa Street by:
Pastor Frank Bartleman
I would read them in the order give.

David Michael Paul

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill

Follow the Lamb by Horatious Bonar

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage Jan van Ruysbroeck
Amendment of Life Richard Rolle
Ascent of Mt. Carmel, The John of the Cross
Ascent of Mt. Zion, The Berdardeno de Laredo
Book of Eternal Wisdom Henry Suso
Centuries of Meditations Thomas Traherne
Christian Perfection Fenelon
Cloud of Unknowing, The Anonymous
Confessions St. Augustine
Dark Night of the Soul John of the Cross :
Goad of Love, The Walter Hilton :
Guide to True Peace, A Molinos and others
Hymns Gerhard Tersteegen
Imitation of Christ Thomas a Kempis
Introduction to a Devout Life De Sales
Letters of Direction de Tourville
On the Incarnation Athanasius
On the Love of God Bernard of Clairvaux
Poems Frederick Faber
Poems Isaac Watts
Practice of the Presence of God Brother Lawrence
Private Devotions Lancelot Andrewes
Proslogium Anselm
Quiet Way, The Gerhard Tersteegen
Revelations of Divine Love Julian of Norwich
Scale of Perfection, The Walter Hilton
Sermons John Tauler
Song of Songs Bernard of Clairvaux
Spiritual Combat, The Lorenzo
Scupoli Spiritual Guide, The Michael Molinos
Talks of Instruction Meister Eckhart
Testament of Devotion, A Thomas Kelly
Theologia Germanica (Winkworth Translation) Anonymous
Vision of God, The Nicholas of Cusa
Way of Christ, The Jacob Boehme

In recommending these books Dr. Tozer did not mean to put his stamp of approval on the entire contents. Rather they were offered as products of men and women who ardently loved their Lord; if any doctrinal defects should appear these would be far overbalanced by the spiritual verities.

A. W. Tozer
A Twentieth Century Prophet
By David J. Fant Jr.

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 Re: Recommend your favorite books for my library.


paula4jc wrote:
I’m starting a family library primarily for the teenagers.
Please recommend some of your favorite classical Christian books that permanently change you, e.g.

Wow, there's already been so many good recommendations! I need to take note of some of them. ;-)
Books had an amazing impact on my teen years and they still do on my young adult years. Here are a few that impacted me greatly and I still love to read over and over:

[b]Vanya, Myrna Grant[/b] - biography of a young Russian Christian who was martyred for his faith.

[b]The Triumph of John and Betty Stam, Mrs. Howard Tayler[/b] - biography of two young missionaries to China.

[b]Robert Murray McCheyne, James A. Stewart[/b] - short bio on the young minister of Scotland who had such an amazing impact during the few short years of his ministry before his early death.

[b]Brother Andrew[/b] -founder of Open Doors ministry to the persecuted church. Fasninating biography of his life story and how he became involved with smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain.

[b]Behind the Ranges, Mrs. Howard Tayler[/b]- Bio on the life of James O. Fraser, missionary to China. Tremendous book on prayer.

[b]Heroes of the Holy Life, Wesley Duewell[/b]- Short biographies on different Christians. Emphasis is on revival. Very powerful book. I would say part of the cream of the crop of some of the godliest men and women that every lived.

[b]Victory in Christ, Charles G. Trumbull[/b]- This little book has helped me so much. Something all growing Christians long for is victory and this book though very small is very full of how to obtain victory in Christ.

Did anyone mention [b]Pilgrim's Progress[/b]? :-)

I want to echo the recommendation of [b]Rees Howells: Intercessor by Norman Grubb[/b].

I know there are already so many recommendations for your library that you are beginning to be overwhelmed! But as a teen, Christian biographies had a tremendous impact on my life. Especially ones about young people who were totally sold out to God and even when they were martyred or died at such a young age God continues to use their testimonies to impact the lives of others.

My favorite place to find good books is at the used bookstore. There are such treasures out there just waiting to be found. :-)

May the Lord bless you in this endeavor and may the lives of many young people be impacted for the glory of God!

Joy (age 20)

 2005/12/28 10:40

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Devon, England


May I add three more very 'current' books, rather than classics:

"Lilies Amongst Thorns" by Danyun (Chinese Christians tell their story through blood and tears). Published by Sovereign World Ltd ISBN 1-85240 0951

* * * * * * * * * *

The next two books are two books about 'Betel'.

"Within a yard of hell" by Stewart Dinnen Published by Christian Focus Publishers ISBN 18579 21224 (written first).

"We dance because we cannot fly" by Guy Chevreau. Published by Marshall Pickering ISBN 0 00 710284 4

Information on the back cover of one of the books: 'Light has shone in the black holes of humanity. Decades of drug addiction, horrific abuse, multiple suicide attempts, gangster violence, prison, prostitution, homelessness - through the power of God's love, and an association of churches known as Betel, thousands and thousands of desperate heroin addicts are not only off the streets, but free of their past and passionate about their future. There is hope for all of us'.

The Betel Centres are a great testimony to God's living power, love and deliverance.

If you have any drug / alcohol addict friends / family wanting deliverance, I recommend Betel.



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