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Br Stever wrote:

It is my understanding that at Corinth the Temple prostitutes all had their heads shaved. Many, many of these women became saved, and ended up in Church on Sunday. Until their hair grew out they were quite the site, plus a distraction as well to others in the Church body. So, why not have ALL the women cover their heads?

is the whole word of God inspire?
If so does the spirit of God brings up cultural issues in order to influence fashion…?
We are told because of the prostitute women but do we have support bible support to state it or is just men’s conclusion based on the fact that there were prostitutes in Corinth.
Just as we take John 3;16 by faith obey it and trust it so we should take other passages nut just a respect or custom but as children who came to the obedience of faith we honor God and inclusive His word.
Symbolizing this passage can give a different view but can we “symbolize John 3:16” just as we take this place as is so we accept other teaching right?
I am free to serve my Lord and Redeemer.


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