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 Sir Edward Denny

I would like to do a bit of research into Sir Edward Denny. does anyone know anything about him,and can you point me to some books or websites that would help.

Thank you in advance, Stuart.


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 Re: Sir Edward Denny

Sir Edward Denny was an Irish Baronet and one of the early Brethren. In 1849, he published two charts "The Seventy Weeks of Daniel" and "The Cycle of Seventy Weeks", together with a companion handbook "Forgiveness Seventy and Sevenfold".

Sir Edward Denny was the first to understand the principles of Unreckoned and Jubilee Years. He was led to the words of Jesus when Peter asked how often you should forgive someone...

Jesus saith unto him, "I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven." (Matthew 18:22)

Seventy times seven relates to forgiveness: periods of 490 years are periods of forgiveness! They relate to redemption, hence the name that has been given to the Biblical chronology based upon periods of forgiveness - the Chronology of Redemption.

Sir Edward Denny managed to assemble the 7000-year Chronology of Redemption, but he could not link any of the events to our calendar.

that's from this website:
[url=]The Bible Chronology program[/url]

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