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 Re: You miss the point

There is not a revival checklist God has to complete to be certified "revival" by the revival approval committee.
Humble believers, completely surrendered to God with a commitment to Holiness, and able to receive the Holy Spirit's touch is.

I would rather be baptized by the Holy Spirit than ordained, How about you?
All I am sure of is this, God is present and able. WE you and me are the problem, my opinion, my argument, my thoughts of any personal worthiness, my deeds, my theology, my denomination, my position, my education, and MY PRIDE are just a few of the many barriers I must lay down and forget and then get right with God. That is just a start; I have maybe touched the hem of his garment and seen glimces of His glory. I envy and respect any one who has been part of a deeper and richer interaction with God.
It is much easier to criticize and be a skeptic, than enter the arena and do battle to know, to really know Jesus Christ. I am sure you can see who would really want you NOT to believe and who would want you to see and believe. The question really is can you.

David Michael Paul

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Joined: 2005/12/16
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 Re: KrispyKrittr

To plum the debts of your wisdom, however I doubt I will ever have more than a 1000 posts. I also try to keep them short enough to read. I also try to use my thoughts not millions of lines of cut and paste thoughts of others like some do

David Michael Paul

 2005/12/22 3:26Profile


Why the attack on me? Wow... I was just making an observation.

You come against debates and discussions, yet you involve yourself in them and even start them. But when someone joins in who may not agree with you you imply that it's wrong to debate these issues.

I look at it this way... iron sharpens iron. And there are a lot of folks here that I have not agreed with, yet grew to really love and respect. And there are some on here who I have learned much from because of these discussions and debates.

I think it's healthy and needed. How else do we learn?

One thing that should not be tolerated here is personal attacks, which your last post is. To quote Al Gore... there's no need to be snippy. (Besides, it's not very Christ-like.)

Kinda reminds me of a fox. A fox will not attack you until it's cornered. I suspect that many times on here there are those who personally attack others because they can not back up their points, support their beliefs or bolster their argument. So they feel cornered and attack.

My experience on here is most of the people who have "cornered" me on issues are only doing it because they love me and want to share their thoughts. There is nothing negative in their hearts about it. Thats how I feel toward you, friend. And I am very open to being wrong about things too... ask anyone who has been here for any length of time.

So take a deep breath... and a chill pill...

Merry Christmas, my friend.


 2005/12/22 7:51

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Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania


An ostrich is a bird, but it can't fly. I wonder how many people who ridicule revivals or men of God from the past are experiencing revival in their personal lives and, or in their current church home. My personal experiences show me that the people who are most critical of others and tear down churches with their words are like the ostrich. Usually, their criticism has a ring of truth, but what they are criticizing in others is missing from their own life.

Once, I made a statement to a very proud professor that had just explained to me that he was in the Lord for years and knew the bible quite well that none of us have arrived. I had said to him, some think they have arrived when they get saved, others when they where babtized in the Holly Spirit, but none of has arrived. This professor went into a rage. He thought he had arrived, yet it was very obvious that he was a very proud man.

Has anyone heard the story of the man who went into a church that didn't believe in speaking in tongues as being for today and told a deacon of that church about his new found gift? The deacon said, "We don't want any Holy Spirit in here."

Luk 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

Luk 11:10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Luk 11:11 If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

Luk 11:12 Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?

Luk 11:13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?

In Christ,

Gary Eckenroth

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Joined: 2005/12/16
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 KrispyKrittr, I am sorry the Spirit tried....

You are right and the Spirit tried to tell me to rewrite that last post, and tone it down. I got lazy was tired and did it anyway, and I have been haunted all night wondering how you would respond. Please accept my apology, for being Un-Christ like; I had a very long day. I spent 12 hours at a County hospital it can really tire you physically and mentally. However, your posting moved something in me. I should of thought more about what you took the time to write and waited but I shot from the hip and hit my foot, then fell and stumbled. I will try not to limp around too much. God bless you for your grace and gentle spirit of correction, please know I am receiving it and will try to do better.

David Michael Paul

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I was lead to an autobiography of Charles Finney, which spoke very clearly to my heart and then the Spirit of the Lord --- lead me to read about D.L. Moody.


When Dwight was about six years old, an old rail fence one day fell upon him. He could not life the heavy rails. Exhausted by his efforts, he had almost given up. “Then”, as he afterward told the story, “I happened to think that maybe God would help me, and so I asked him; and after that I could lift the rails”,

“When I was a young boy-before I was a Christian – I was I a field one day with a man who was hoeing. He was weeping, and he told me a strange story, which I have never forgotten. When he left home his mother gave him this text “SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD”. But he paid no heed to it. He said when he got settled in life, and his ambition to get money was gratified, it would be time enough then to seek the kingdom of God. He went from one village church, and what was his great surprise to hear the minister give out the text, SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD, He said the text went down to the bottom of his heart. He thought it was but his mother’s prayer following him, and that some one must have written to that minister about him. He felt very uncomfortable and when the meeting was over he could not get that sermon out of his mind.


“He went away from that town, and at the end of a week went into another church, and he heard the minister give out the same text, Seek first the kingdom of God. He felt sure this time that it was the prayers of his mother, but he said calmly and deliberately, No, I will first get wealthy. “He said he went on and did not go into a church for a few months, but the first place of worship he went into he heard a minister preaching a sermon from the same text. He tried to drown – to stifle his feelings; tried to get the sermon out of his mind, and resolved that he would keep away from “church” altogether, and for a few years he did keep out of God’s house. My mother died, he said, and the text kept coming up in my mind, and I said I will not’ no sermon ever touched me; my heart is as hard as that stone, pointing to one in the field. I couldn’t understand what it was it was all about – it was fresh to me then. I went to Boston and got converted, and the first thought that came to me was about this man. When I got back I asked mother, Is Mr. L ----- living in such a place?” “Didn’t I write to you about him? She asked. They have taken him to an insane asylum, and to every one who goes there he points with his finger up there and tells them to seek first the kingdom of God. There was that man with his eyes dull with the loss of reason, but the text had sunk into his soul – it had burned down deep. O, my mother told me he was in his house, and I went to see him. I found him in a rocking chair, with that vacant, look upon him. As soon as he saw me, he pointed at me and said, young man, seek first the Kingdome of God. Reason was gone but the text was there. Last month, when I was laying my brother down, I could not help thinking of that poor man

who was lying so near him, and wishing that the prayers on his mother had been heard, and that he had found the kingdom of God.

It is doubtful, however, if young Moody had experienced any real religious feeling up to the time of his conversion in Boston. He was a boy like other boys – unlike the majority, too, in his imperious will, his indifference to obstacles, and his boundless energy. He was as fond of mischief as the average boy. The influences of a farm-boys life, tempered thought they were by the forceful direction of a devoted mother, were not calculated to cultivate in him a taste for the finer things of life. His passionate outbursts of temper are still remembered by those who early came into contact with him. His profanity is a matter of his own record. Still, he was doubtless in this regard merely a type of his environment. The notable thing about the boy was his force; he bore in his endowment great possibilities of good and ill.


Perhaps only twelve terms at the district school constituted Dwight’s early education. A smattering of the three R’s a little geography and the practice of declamation made up the sum of his learning. The truth of the matter seems to be that he did not study faithfully. It was only during his last term that he began to apply himself with diligence, too late to make tip for what he had lost. His reading is described as outlandish beyond description. With his characteristic tendency to jump directly to the heart of a question, he never stopped to spell out an unfamiliar word, but mouthed his sense of it without full dependence upon his training or made up a new word which sounded to his ear as suitable as the original.

Of his experiences as a schoolboy Mr. Moody has given the following in his sermon On “Law versus Grace”


At the school I used to go to when I was a boy, we had a teacher who believed in governing by l aw. He used to keep a rattan in his desk, and my back tingles now (shrugging his shoulders) as I think of it. But after a while the notion got abroad among the people that a school might be governed by LOVE, and the district was divided into what I might call the law party, and the grace party; the law party standing by the old schoolmaster, and his rattan, and the grace party wanting a teacher who could get along without punishing so much

After a while the grace party got the upper hand, turned out the old master, and hired a young lady to take his place. We all understood that there was to be no rattan that winter, and we looked forward to having the jolliest kind of time. On the first morning the new teacher, whom I will call Miss Grace, opened the school with reading out of the Bible and prayer. That was a new thing and we didn’t quite know what to make of it. She told us she didn’t mean to keep Order by punishment, but she hoped we would all be good

children, for her sake as well as our own. This made us a little ashamed of the mischief we had meant to do, and everything went on pretty well for a few days; but pretty soon I broke one of the rules, and Miss Grace said I was to STOP that night after school. Now for the Old rattan, said I to myself; it’s coming now after all. But when the scholars were all gone she came and sat down by me, and told me how sorry she was that I, who was one the biggest boys, and might help her so much, was setting such a bad example to others, and making it so hard for her to get along with them. She said she loved us, and wanted to help us, and if we loved her we would obey her, and then everything would go on well. There were tears of joy in her eyes as she said this, and I didn’t know what to make of it, for no teacher had ever talked that way to me before. I began to feel ashamed of myself for being so mean to any one who was so kind; and after that she didn’t have any more trouble with me, nor with any of the other scholars either. She just took us out from under the LAW and put us under GRACE.


The circumstance which led up to the departure of young Moody from home have been variously stated. He had come to the age of Seven Teen. In those days a boy of seventeen was supposed to be ready to enter upon the serious business of life. New ambitions were arising in Dwight’s heart. Mr. Edward Kimball, who afterwards led the boy to the Lord, is perhaps as well informed of the circumstances of his life in Boston as any man now living. He gave the facts as he was familiar with them at the time of Mr. Moody’s death.

“To tell the story correctly, “said Mr. Kimball, “I must go back to Thanksgiving day forty-five years ago. A Thanksgiving family dinner party was assembled at the Moody home, which was on a farm a mile and a half from Northfield, Mass. At the table, among others, were Samuel and Lemuel Holton, of Boston, two uncles of the Moody Children. Without any preliminary warning young Dwight, a boy of about seventeen, spoke up and said to his uncle Samuel: “Uncle, I want to come to Boston and have a place in your shoe store. Will you take Me?” Despite the directness of the question, the uncle returned to Boston without giving his nephew an answer. When Mr. Holton asked advice in the matter from an older brother the Dwight, the brother told his uncle that perhaps she had better not take the boy, for in short time Dwight would want to run his store.


Dwight was headstrong young fellow who would not study at school, and who was much fonder of a practical book. His expressed desire to go to Boston and get work was not a jest that the boy forgot the day after Thanksgiving. The two uncles were surprised when one day in the following spring Dwight turned up in Boston looking for a job. His uncle Samuel did not offer him a place. Dwight, when asked how he thought he could get a start, said he wanted work and he guessed he could find a position. After days of efforts, and meeting nothing but failures the boy grew discouraged with Boston, and told his uncle Lemuel he was going to New York. The uncle strongly advised Dwight not to go, his uncle Samuel knew perfectly well what he wanted. But the uncle insisted so that a second time the boy asked his uncle Samuel for a place in his store.

“Dwight, I am afraid if you come in here you will want to run the store yourself”, said Mr. Holton. “Now, my men here want to do their work as I want it done. If you want to come in here and do the best you can, and do it right, and if you’ll ask me when you don’t know how to do anything, or if I am no here, ask the bookkeeper, and if he’s not here one of the salesmen or one of the boys, and if you are willing to go to church and Sunday school when you are able to go anywhere on Sundays, and if you are willing not to go anywhere at night or any other time which you would not want me or your mother to know about, why, then, If you’ll promise all these things, you may come and take hold, and we’ll see how we can get along. You Can Have Till Monday To Think It Over.

Submit to God, and please don’t ever stop praying for me.

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bluinos, I enjoyed your post! Is this from his biography? Can you post more?

God bless you.

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A friend of mine picked up some good advice from one of his preachers. He said if someone seems to be under the influence of the Spirit, this is the way to discern whether it is real of false. After the man flips up in the air and floats back down to the ground, watch where he goes after his feet are on the ground, and look at his checkbook record.

Sage advice.

Hal Bachman

 2006/6/9 19:39Profile

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