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 Ravenhills Book List reviews

I am starting this thread for us to share our thoughts and lessons on
Leonard Ravenhills Book list given on another category. I am going to use
this as a chance to Praise God for the First Book on the List I bought and read
because it was on the LIST.

"Azusa Street" by Frank Bartleman
I will be quoting from this book the rest of my life. This book touched my very
soul and answered questions about True Revival, why it is rare, and so fragile.
How Satan attacks revival, how Satan uses News papers, teachers, and even other
mis-guided Believers into attacking Revival. I hope the moderators will indulge
me but I am going to repost that list here again and please I hope and pray this
will be a popular topic. I personally need guidance for my next purchase and
there are so many good titles and authors on Ravenhill's list.

Please help expand the list, I have noticed Brother Ravenhill mentions other
nonlisted books throughout his large collection of Sermons, if you catch on
please try to copy it down for the rest of us.
From Brother Coops Posting, oh thank you Brother

Ravenhill's Top 41 book Recommendations!

(With online sources)


Atonement - Albert Barnes (1860 exposition)
2. Autobiography of Richard Baxter 24.95hardback*
3. Azusa Street - Frank Bartleman (eyewitness account)
11.99 [possibly
full? I don't know
4. Better Things From Above - Gregory Mantle 9.95*
5. Beyond Humiliation: Way of the Cross - Gregory Mantle 7.99 [portions]

6. Bible Characters From the Bible - Alexander Whyte 34.99

Broken Bread - John Follette
8. Christian in Complete
Armour - William Gurnall
46.99 hardback or 3 volumes abridged 24.99 [Vol1 & 2
9. Counterfeit Christ & Other Sermons -Gregory Mantle 9.95*
10. Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians - James G. Lawson (EXCELLENT) 10.99
or 16.95 hardback*
11. Explore the Book (6 volumes in 1) - J.S. Baxter 89.99 hardback
12. Fair Sunshine - Jock Purves 9.99
13. Heart
Talks on Holiness - Samuel Logan Brengle
14. Helps to
Holiness - Samuel Logan Brengle
15. Hidden Life of Prayer -
David MacIntyre
6.95s or 8.95*
16. Historical Collections of Accounts of Revival - John Gillies SOLD OUT*
In the Footprints of the Lamb - G. Steinberger
5.95s* or 8.95*
18. Into His Presence formerly titled: Practical Prayer Portions) - Misc. 18.95
of Wales by the Spirit Through Evan Roberts - James A. Stewart
Brother Roberts helped Azusa street with advice and prayer
20. Knowing God - James I. Packer 6.99 study guide, 15.99 or 29.95 hardback* [study
21. Knowledge of the Holy - A.
W. Tozer
14.99LP, 12.99 or 18.99 hardback. Tozer is anointed among
22. David Brainerd Life of
- Jonathan Edwards
23. Life of God in the Soul
of Man - Henry Scougal
(this book changed George Whitefield's life) 8.99
24. Looking Unto Jesus - Isaac Ambrose (written in the 1600s) 30.00 hardback [possible
25. Martyrs Mirror - T.
S. vanBraght
(better & bigger than Foxe's book) 69.95hardback*
26. Mighty Prevailing Prayer - Wesley Duewel("superb manual") 14.99 [portions
at google print
27. Milestone
Papers: Doctrinal, Ethical...on Christian Progress - Daniel Steele
Testament Holiness - Thomas Cook
29. Path of Prayer - Samuel Chadwick (great teacher) 7.99
30. Protestant Saints - Ernest Gordon(60 valiant souls; followed whithersoever)
31. Refiner's Fire - Leonard Ravenhill (2 volumes) 9.99 each or the set 18.00
32. Reformed
Pastor - Richard Baxter
(should be required reading for all pastors) 7.99

33. Samuel Morris - Lindley Baldwin (GREAT BIOGRAPHY) 5.99

Soul of Prayer - P. T. Forsyth
("this book is always near and available") +
Biography 6.95*
35. The Stundists (Persecution of Believers in Russia)-C.A.W. SOLD OUT*
36. "Take Your Glory, Lord" - William Duma (great biography from Africa) 18.95*
37. They Knew Their God - E. & L. Harvey (good biographies) (6 volumes) 41.00
38. Way to Pentecost - Samuel Chadwick (GREAT practical teaching on revival)
5.95BZ or 7.99
39. Works of E.
M. Bounds
(8 volumes in 1 book) 19.99 [or
40. Works of Edward Payson >>in part
41. Worldly Saints: Puritans As They Really Were - Leland Ryken 21.95*

I would add that there are many places on the net you can find these books if
you want to save money, I would encourage you to start a library at your
fellowship, so you can share the light with others.
Again God Bless You All and please post your recommendations

David Michael Paul

 2005/12/19 8:53Profile

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