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Discussion Forum : General Topics : How to witness a business owner???

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 How to witness a business owner???

I'm a small business owner at a retail store. I'm always praying when to witness to customers and is there a fine line??? I need some brotherly advice????


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 Re: How to witness a business owner???

The bible says to be prepared in and out of season and to always be able to give an account of the reason why you believe. So if someone was to ask you: Why are you a Christian? or what is a Christian? you should be able to respond.

One person stated that the only way this world is going to turn around is if people "wash each others feet" humbleness, servanthood are great ways to share the life of Christ in us.

To have flyers for an "discovering Christianity" course or bible study to get questions answered about the bible is another un-offensive way to advertise to your customers.

I am not speaking from much experience here but I hope that helps.

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Also, you can start small. Maybe use some of the livingwaters tracts by Ray Comfort. He has many with plenty of "get away time" built in, like pamphlets full of jokes that you can give out (101 of the world's funniest one-liners). They have a short message "hidden" in the folds that they are bound to come across, and are less likely to be turned down right off the bat. Basically, they don't "smell" like a tract. Also, I think I kinda shared my opinion in another column you asked in.

Grace and Peace...

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