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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Witnessing in the work place

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 Witnessing in the work place

Does anyone know what the laws are as far as talking about God in the workplace? Is there a law against it or is it freedom of speech? I would like to know what my rights are.Thanks.

 2005/12/16 20:13

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Charlotte, NC

 Re: Witnessing in the work place

From what I understand, the law says that you are allowed to discuss religious matters at work so long as it does not interfere with actually performing your job duties. If you are allowed to have casual non-work related conversations with other people at work about everyday things in the midst of performing your duties (e.g. sports, politics, etc), then your employer is not allowed to keep you from sharing your faith as well.

Jimmy H

 2005/12/16 22:58Profile

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 Re: Witnessing in the work place

Legally -- your employer can't do anything against you for sharing your faith or talking about it. We are not in a police state in the USA or Canada. As long as it does not stop you fro mbeingg ineffective in your work they can't do anything -- this ia actually especailly true if you are on break or lunch and clocked out.

If your employer is foolish enough to try this -- then politely inform him that he better talk to a lawyer because he is violating the law. Legalities and lawsuits always get a company's attention.


Ed Raby

 2005/12/16 23:04Profile

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This can be a fine line, though.

I'm in the military, and we had a problem with this issue a few months ago. Even though an employer can't ban your conversations, if a person feels offended, by anything, not just religion, then that subject can be banned as harrasment. This is tricky since, as in my workplace, many people will freely talk about their sex lives, their drinking binges, etc., but a conversation involving religion can be called harrasment.

What it comes down to is that they can tell you not to talk about an issue in the workplace, or risk a harrasment suit. On the same hand, they have to be willing to ban virtually all conversation, if you press your right to talk. Also, as long as you're on break or talking to someone who's not offended (offendees can't be within earshot- even overhearing an "offensive" conversation can be considered harrasment), then you're good to go.

Grace and Peace...


 2005/12/17 12:27Profile

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I am the owner. I wanted to know what you thought about talking with customers????


 2005/12/17 14:19Profile

Joined: 2005/1/5
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We talk a bit about the "worldly legal" aspect of things, but the simple fact is that we live for something more. Being born again in Christ, we know the only thing that matters, and we have a responsibility to share it. Ezekiel 3:18.

Being the owner of a business means that you'll step out onto a limb in sharing the Gospel. You'll do so no matter who you are in sharing the Word, but owning a business means that you'll step it out with you. But remember what we live for when you'll challenged. "Whether therefore ye eat or drink or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God." Remember the message you have. Read also Acts 26 to remember what we're here for.

Grace, Peace, and courage to you, Brent.

 2005/12/17 15:37Profile

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I have owned an a/c and heating business in Houston for 30 years, I talk about God and how Blessed I am everyday in front of "all" my customers and if any of them have a problem with that they can find them an new a/c guy and I will move on because God will Bless me with another one or another hundred to take his place for being faithful and not ashamed of him, my business is first and foremost my ministry and second a living.

Mr. Bill

 2005/12/17 15:42Profile

 Re: Witnessing in the work place

Colossians 3:22 Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God;

We need to bear in mind that if your employer says NOT to preach or minister while at work, we must adhere to his wishes. If you are on your break and you are sharing Christ with those who are breaking with you, I can't see how your employer could say anything to you.

The thing to remember is that you took the job to work so you could support yourself and your family, not to preach or cause problems for your employer.

I have seen this as a thorn in the workplace, there is a time for everything. Jesus told me one time just to let my light shine and this can be done by not speaking, people will know that you are different.

Think about it, has anyone ever approached you and said,"there is something different about you", and you haven't said one solitary word, not even to whisper that you were a christian. But something about you is attractive, and they want to know.

If the employer is a believer, then he would not mind you witnessing, but if he is not, then you must submit to his way of reasoning, and pray for him. He is paying you to do a job not preach.


 2005/12/17 23:10

Joined: 2005/6/18
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as a young man,i was working in a retail store with jewish bosses and had a personal rule against witnessing while getting paid to work. an old man walked in my department one day and God prompted me to witness to him, i didn't do it then but God increased the heat within me to witness to this man. i walked over to him and asked him if he was to die today would he feel secure of his relationship with his creator,today. this is how God introduced me to len ravenhill; and how we grew to be friends. jimp

 2005/12/18 2:34Profile

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 Re: Witnessing in the work place

In the 10 years I have been saved I used every job as a mission field to share CDs and religious material. I’m in prayer now about changing job because I don’t have as many people to share the gospel. I witness to every one from directors down to the maid. First I establish an impeccable reputation in terms of job performance, prompt, dependable and team player. I usually start a lunch hour bible study and people would drop in as work load permits. I’ve never encounter any problem witnessing in the workplace. When you won top performance and employee of the month award they know the record proves you’re not wasting employer’s time.

The faithful church attendees and the so called Christians are the most demanding of my time they called me their daily bread. I told them to help with the harvest, but they refused to witness except to say I’m a Christian. At the same time they empty their dirty laundry such as, financial, spouse, and children problem. Then they truly believe people are going to convert to Christ by observing them. One day I asked a dear Christian co-worker if she thinks any pagan would be interested in Christ after listening to her frequent financial problem complains and her urge to remarry. Pagan should hear, I used to be like you/she/him, but Christ saved me and deliver me into this new person. He wants to do the same for you!

Business owners and managers your customers and staffs are watching. My auto mechanic shop has TBN TV on while ripping off the customer. I went for an oil changes, you need new spark plug, but I changed them myself a week ago. If I was a pagan would I want to hear about his Jesus?


 2005/12/18 17:18Profile

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