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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Can anyone source this Wilkerson quote for me?

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 Can anyone source this Wilkerson quote for me?

Hi brethren,
Does anyone know what sermon/article this quote by Wilkerson came from - I viewed it on the photo section tagged onto as a description for the : David Wilkerson talking with youth photo.
Description: When Jesus said, "Take up your cross and follow me," He meant, "You will go down the same path to death." A cross experience is when you think God has turned a deaf ear to your cry for righteousness and holiness. For a season your prayers go unanswered. And your heart rises up and begins to reason: "All I wanted was to be like Jesus, to walk in victory, to be a joy to Him, to enjoy sweet communion. But this? Why is there no clear way, no reassurance? Why is this darkness in my soul, this feeling of speaking into God's ear, yet He appears not to hear? Why does it have to be so complicated?"
Bless you :-)

 2005/12/15 20:58Profile

 Re: Can anyone source this Wilkerson quote for me?

It is from "Death to all ambition"

 2005/12/16 6:24

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Hi freecd,

Was this from a sermon or from one of the newsletters? A number of years ago, I believe it was 1990 my pastor received from TSC a set of sermons he referred to as "Death of a Vision."

This week I ordered a sermon set from World Challenge entitled "Death of a Promise." Is this from that set? (It's three different sermons.) (It just seemed like it fit based on the link you gave and what Pastor told us.)

Ed Pugh

 2005/12/16 9:48Profile

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