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 encouraging words...

Here's an encouraging story...

A poor, uncultured Kaffir woman, on hearing of the love of Jesus, gladly received the truth, and as the Holy Spirit took up His abode in her heart, she felt the yearning to go out to the thousands of her people lying in sin and darkness all about her. She had no education, no command of language to impart the blessed truth that had come into her life, and no way of travel, nor money to assist her; but she took a little gospel tract that had been given her by the travelling missionary, and started out on foot to spread the gospel light. she would enter a villiage, go directly to the chief and silently hand him the tract written in his own dialect. He would read it then looking at her full in the eye, demand to know about this Jesus. She would then tell in simple words of what had taken place in her heart. Other leaders would be called, the paper read and re-read, more questions asked, and the power of God would take hold of the people. She simply waited for God to work. ...When she saw that light had come, tears filling, cries of jou about her, Jesus coming in the hearts of the people, she would take her tract and silently steal away to another villiage, eating what was given her, asking no help or succor. This was repeated again and again until the light broke into all the country for miles about and many tribes and peoples were brought to Christ.

Every Christian could turn many to righteousness if he would; but many will not take up their cross. Anyone can give a tract to an unsaved one if they cannot speak a word. Let us awaken to our responsibilities and opportunities. Let us not be lazy servants and so miss our crown. -from a Tract.

Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when He cometh
shall find so doing. MAT 24:46


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