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Discussion Forum : General Topics : where does egoism begin?

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Joined: 2005/8/25
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 where does egoism begin?

Where does it begin?
Is caring for your natural needs egoism?
What is "normal" or "natural" and according to gods will and when does selfishness begin?
What do you think?

May god bless you

Daniel Sahm

 2005/12/12 14:52Profile

Joined: 2004/7/7
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 Re: where does egoism begin?

It begins when you are born. All a baby thinks about is his/her comfort/needs. Most are legit, however, as time goes on his sinful nature will take control and that is when Moms and Dads need discernment to counteract these behaviours.

In adult persons it is manifested when we know what we should do but "I" interferes: "I" think; "I" believe. "I" displaces God in the decision making process. Instead one needs to think: what would God have me do? What is his will? It is observing the first commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. So anything that that displaces God from being the primary authority in your life will be egotism because you will be wanting to do things your way instead. If you really want to know which is which, just ask the LORD to show you and he will - if you really want to know.

Just my thoughts...

Sandra Miller

 2005/12/15 23:01Profile

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