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Who is preaching on the "enslaved" compilation? Are the represented sermons on this site? He said that 94% of "decisions for Christ" are false...even worse than Ray Comforts statistics! He then says, is it God's problem or the way we present the gospel. Obviously, I think it's our problem with our unbiblical selfish gospel. Anyway, i'd like to hear what he says in depth about this. Help is appreciated....thanks.


Denver McDaniel

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 Re: enslaved

I was just listening to a sermon by Leonard Ravenhill, and he said when he talked to Bacht Singh(Indian evangelist)he said it was more like 2 and a half percent of professing christians are really born again. I live in a small town in Canada (about 35,000), I have met [i]hundreds[/i] of "christians" and I doubt that [i]I HAVE EVER MET A REAL CHRISTIAN.[/i]

Nigel Holland

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Perhaps some of those hundreds of Christians say the same.

Jonathan Veldhuis

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What do you use to difine what a real christian is?

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 What is a Christian?

Consider: A believer, a follower, a student, a disciple, an apostle, a prophet, a saint, and a martyr. Each of these words has been used to describe a Christian, the bible tells us some are babies and others are more mature, the real test is with God Himself. The Word tells us that we will know them by their fruit. The word also says the world will know us by our love for each other. Love, commitment, focus, sacrifice, suffering are all part of the formula.
However, I would never dare say that this is or that is not a Christian, the reason is the warning against judging others. I fail everyday, I think a real Christian repents regularly and has a true Travail of Soul. Please study that phrase; I learned it in a book I am reading called Azusa Street by Frank Bartleman. That experience could be a very important experience for a true believer, some call it born again, and it is painful, humbling, tearful and tiring. I hope this is useful to you, God Bless you in your walk.
One last though, it is also relationship with the living God, experiencing the annointing of the Holy Spirit, it is to hunger and thirst for righeousness. As A.W. Tozer wrote, It is a Pursuit of God.
I offer this as my understanding and experience, I fail everyday, but I know whom I serve, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Author and finisher of my faith. I trust that he is able to finish what He started in me. I am his bondservant. Moreover, as Job said Even if He slays me I would still serve Him.

David Michael Paul

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