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 Old Paths production

My friends for those of you who love the Old Paths newsletter and want to get it out to those who you know, can i recommend a method of small 'mass production'.

instead of taking them to print shop like i was doing at 30p an issue thats about 50c i think use your own printers on there lowest ink use setting, mine has quality - fastdraft, and colour - optimize for photocopy or fax, yours will probably be different, the only difference is that the black bits aren't quite as black the text is very readable and the pictures are far lower quality too but still recognizable, on the whole they look like they've been in the sun too long.

secondly I've found the cheapest ink cartridges can be found on ebay but if you can find them cheaper the go ahead by all means.

how do i know all this ? well the other day i was working out which way would be most cost effective to get hold of about 30-50 issues to give out each month i found i could half the cost doing it myself BEFORE i set my printer on it's new settings, praise God I've had a low ink warning and still managed to produce 10 issue (thats 60 sides) ... so far!!!

always open to advice on how you go about it,

lets get this stuff out there SI'ers


P.S. use 6mm staples too


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 Re: Old Paths production

Excellent dear brother. These are great recommendations! I would love to hear what others are doing also. I am so happy that the Lord is allowing the issues to spread in this manner, the cost for shipping it out to thousands would be huge but letting brothers and sisters to do it this way has really saved costs.

I know a few churches that make stacks of them every month.

Just in case if people are wondering where to get these free pdf publications you can go here:
Old Paths Back Issues

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