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 Embassy CC


Sad and brokenhearted. I kmow how you feel. First of all I dont agree with the people saying theyre glad it happened. Second I came from a bisexual background until christ changed me. I cant speak for the other people but after christ touched me I was another person...never to look back, and I never had the desire for the old lifestyle after christ changed me. I used to go to Roberts Church when it was at the full Gospel business mens church, and the now TBN site on Bear st. Costa Mesa Ca. I attended there for four years and then moved out of the area long before all this happened. I was completely devestated....and went through a depression for at least a year. I cant understand this, completely no sense. I know how you are in the spirit because the strength that came from that church was none like it anywhere. Until the enemy stepped in. Well all I can say is because as we all knew he was never sexually active and not married was not good. Just because this happened to him doesnt mean this was what he was like. From my experience I know alot of christians wont understand this but you will because I know the level of the spirit you must walk in. It was because of non sexual life he led all his life, I think he may have been down spritually and like I said from my experience I remember before I was saved....I felt this push from the enemy, I can say that now because I now know what it was to be a certain way like a driving spirit to push you into something and a desire to do it but it was the enemy. I think somewhere Roberts was low spritually and somehow fell into this with someone that was supposed to be a friend but the enemy came in strong and took him down. I know Roberts was a man of God no doubt...that is why the enemy took him out like that...he was a huge threat to darkness. It is so sad but we cannot judge the brother only pray. Because I know he must feel a great sadness from what has happened to his life and the minsitry. wrie me sad and broken hearted if you would like to email.

God Bless you

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