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 brief typing...

kiaora..I am a listener to these awesome to have such hearts after god recorded..thru time..even though I see sermons as an off spill of catholic mass...still there are many great teachings and revelations..(* GOD ROCKS ) ...shot brother for you holyspirit..I like your style!!! ;-) the new is here

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 Re: brief typing...


oncallnow wrote:
an off spill of catholic mass

what do you mean by that??

great to see you love the site.

my top 2 favorite men of God on this site are:
David Wilkerson
Leonard Ravinhill

 2005/12/5 11:49

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hi there...firstly I have to say I am still in the learning process..but the holy spirit, my heart and situations..seem to be looking at how the first church were as in acts..I have also been studying history ( church) and how the early roman catholic partnership has stained the first church insidiously..over time the lord has brought forth reformers but also we have non active pew warmers..I have felt that church is like a godly entertainment and sometimes emotional thrill..but unless Holyspirit is given freedom..not much growth...the persecuted churches are flourishing..they dont have such a monologue service...such as paster to priest to laymen ... anyway I see alot of tradtional catholic practices..sre in protesten practices..too in a different attempt to answer your q...I also love ravinhill and Derick prince...

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Hi kiaora,

The catholic faith that started in 300ad aprox has nothing barely to do with this site. I have tryed to amke a distinction between traditions of men and following God. The heart of this site is to see apostolic christianity displayed in its fulness. I am glad you found the site and if you haven't already I encourage you to hear this recording: [url=]Ten Shekels and a Shirt[/url] by Paris Reidhead.

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