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I have revolution in world missions.

I have about 20 books that I NEED to read ;-)

 2005/12/4 20:04

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gainesville, FL


I think that it is good to know these stats sometimes but for me i tend to get cynical and judgemental sometimes after reading something like that.
but it is very helpful when you are sitting down about to write a check to charity, you know which ones need it the most.
K.P. Yohannan wrote an awesome book called "living in the light of eternity" i would suggest this book to everyone at least to skim through.

just some thoughts.

nick schmidt

 2005/12/4 21:07Profile

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:-( The list of salaries (except for The salary for Campas crusade for Christ, 50k??) made me greatly sad at heart. Makes me think of what Ravenhill said about John Wesly in his death on the "Revival" Comp. He died with so little because he gave so much but he left the Methodist church! And they ushered in the great Holiness Revival of the 1800's which spawned the Church in which I'm apart of.
At the same time I'm humbled by K.P. Yohannan. :-)


 2005/12/4 21:31Profile


I'm sure K.P. Yohannan get's paid through other ways. Just like everyone else in the list. (i.e. books, serminars, etc..etc)

But, that only adds the HORROR to the money Stanley and Robertson receives :-(

I'm not saying anything bad of Yohannan(cause i love that guy :-P) , just stating he probly gets a salary some other way.

 2005/12/5 11:55

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Hi there...!

Wow -- this is truly disturbing! Wasn't it Moody or Spurgeon that stated that if they had $10 when they passed away, then they were a fraud? The funny thing is that I know quite a few ministers that actually work "free of charge."

Does anyone happen to know how much money in salary and benefits that the other TBN "superstars" happen to make? I think that would be very interesting.



 2005/12/5 12:25Profile


It would be interesting. But, I think we need to not lose focus.

May this cause the intercessor within us to be stirred.

 2005/12/5 12:33

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