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 Money stats

Again, came across this doing my essay.

This one is for Christian ministry's and THEIR MONEY.

Top Person: Paul F. Crouch
Top Salary:* $404,325

[url=]TBN has money ? [/url]

[url=]Int Fellowship of Christian and Jews[/url]
Top Person: Yechiel Eckstein
Top Salary:* $381,517

[url=]Operation Blessing International Relief [/url]
Top Person: William F. Horan
Top Salary:* $116,461

[url=] Childs Hunger Fund[/url]
Top Person: Dave Phillips
Top Salary:* $105,879

I just think these are food for thought. Let's not 'beat a dead horse'. (We know the stuff they are doing is wrong, just something to cause thought and intercession)

 2005/12/4 1:07

 Re: Money stats

[url=]Salvation Army[/url]
Top Person: W. Todd Bassett
Top Salary:* $166,850

[url=]New York-Presbyterian Hospital [/url]
Top Person: Herbert Pardes
Top Salary:* $1,973,303

[url=]World Vision[/url]
Top Person: Richard E. Stearns
Top Salary:* $366,479

[url=]Campus Crusade for Christ International[/url]
Top Person: Stephen B. Douglass
Top Salary:* $57,466

[url=]Christian & Missionary Alliance[/url]
Top Person: Peter N. Nanfelt
Top Salary:* $113,325

[url=]Samaritan's Purse [/url]
Top Person: W. Franklin Graham III
Top Salary:* $349,529
(Not like his dad who gets 110,000 less)

[url=]Christian Broadcasting Network[/url]
Top Person: Marion G. "Pat"Robertson
Top Salary:* $296,567

[url=]Compassion International [/url]
Top Person: Wesley K. Stafford
Top Salary:* $202,679

[url=]Young Life [/url]
Top Person: Dennis I. Rydberg
Top Salary:* $263,216
(This ministry is similar in 'nature' to mine, but wow..crazy his paycheck)

[url=]Billy Graham Evangelistic Association [/url]
Top Person: Billy Graham
Top Salary:* $228,930

[url=]Focus on the Family[/url]
Top Person: Don Hodel
Top Salary:* $155,455

[url=]In Touch Ministries[/url]
Top Person: Charles Stanley
Top Salary:* $299,512
(shocked to see so next time u all judge Pat or TBN,think of Mr.Stanley :/)

[url=]Church World Service [/url]
Top Person: John McCullough
Top Salary:* $243,676
(They are calling for 'sacrifical' giving...:/)

[url=]Moody Bible Institute [/url]
Top Person: Joseph M. Stowell
Top Salary:* $244,541

The numbers that your looking for are 'Charitable Committment' that's basically 'the bang for your buck'.
And all numbers are in MILLIONS(not the salvary's above, but on the websites)

 2005/12/4 1:44

Joined: 2005/7/20
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Los Angeles, California


Here’s a few more. The nature of these non-profits makes the salaries even more shocking. Seems like feeding the poor, caring for starving children and printing Bibles is a pretty profitable business in American these days.

Richard E. Stearns
President - World Vision
$366,479 :-o

Robin G. Mahfood
President - Food For The Poor
$300,197 :cry:

Charles F. MacCormack
President - Save the Children
$278,241 :oops:

John F. Schultz
President - Christian Children's Fund

Wesley K. Stafford
President - Compassion International

Larry Jones
President, Director - Feed The Children

Eugene B. Habecker
President, CEO - American Bible Society
$279,960 :-x

Patrick Ersig

 2005/12/4 2:20Profile


I didn't really post to many 200,000$ or less. Just cause some people could justify it.. :-?

But wow


Eugene B. Habecker
President, CEO - American Bible Society
$279,960 :-x

Just wow! May this cause the intercessor within us to be stirred.

 2005/12/4 15:57

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The Netherlands


why so much? :cry:


 2005/12/4 16:19Profile

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


This is very saddening. Where did you obtain these statistics?

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2005/12/4 16:22Profile

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Los Angeles, California


The ones I posted are from -


If you take the time to look there are many good ones, but these are the worst of the worst - it seems like the bigger or more well known they are the more corrupt they are. The sad things is is that these are the ones most sponser children through and give their money to and so much of it goes to line the pockets of the rich.

Here's a good one for sponsering children

[url=]Bridge Of Hope[/url]

100% of the money goes to the children and no one who works there takes a salery.

K.P. Yohannan
President - GFA/Bridge Of Hope
Salery - $0.00:-)

Patrick Ersig

 2005/12/4 17:08Profile

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 Re: Egads!

Wow... Thanks Josh, and all.

I am paying my bills as I write. Not 15 minutes ago was feeling guilty over a lack of supporting a World Vision sponsorship that fell back under the mountain months ago ...

Will rip that up and re-direct it where it can go to help propagate the truths of this life. Thank you very much!

There was a pause before this, a consideration, a question... Are these salaries exorbitant? Goodness... It didn't take that much thought, and to think something like this place is freely given here with such a rich and eternal shelf life...

K.P. Yohannan ... There is a message on here about how his mother used to squirrel away money and send it off to missions unbeknownst to her family, before her sons came to the faith...

Edit: Just the act of tearing that up.. I can look over at this child's picture right now and wonder... Something else was just torn along with it

Mike Balog

 2005/12/4 17:30Profile


My links are from i believe (url within the title of the organizations)

Many people say 'you can't judge these me for taking in this amount of money'.

I point them to Jesus, and K.P. Yohannan, who truly continues to bless me with his integrity ..never read a book of his.

 2005/12/4 17:33

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Los Angeles, California


If you havn't read one of K.P.'s books you can get them at these links.

[url=]Revolution In World Missions[/url] - Cost = FREE!


[url=]The Road To Reality[/url]- Cost = ONE PENNY!

Patrick Ersig

 2005/12/4 19:10Profile

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