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 ABC's Nightline and the House of Prayer

In case any of you missed this, you may want to watch the segment that Nighline just broadcast regarding the Justice House of Prayer in Washington, D.C. How thrilling to see America's young people crying out day and night for this nation.


 2005/12/1 21:44Profile

 Re: ABC's Nightline and the House of Prayer

that was one of the best testimonies of the Church that I've seen out there in the secular news in a long long time.

Lord, I ask your blessing on that House of Prayer in DC, amen,

 2005/12/2 0:10

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 Re: ABC's Nightline and the House of Prayer


 2005/12/2 1:19Profile


hopefully i will get time to watch it.

i saw a 5 min clip on 700 club about them. they have added gasoline to my fire

they are just a blessing.

 2005/12/3 18:58


wow powerful. even better than the 700 club clip.

WOW!! Very good.

 2005/12/3 20:02

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