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 Love is NOT Tolerant

Today was round two on the Kilgore Jr. College campus. When we arrived to the newly appointed free speech area, we discovered that they had taken paint and painted lines to mark the borders of the speech area. It was a pretty decent spot, where there is traffic as well as places for students to sit and listen.

I started the open-air with the "shock and awe" approach. The prophets would always do things to get peoples attention. Some would walk around barefooted, naked, or with a yoke around their neck. Even Christ said you needed to eat His flesh and drink His blood to go to Heaven. That is something you'll never forget if you hear a preacher say! So I start with short, sharp sayings.

"I know some of you people like to get wwaasstteedd. Well if you get ssmmaasshheedd on alcohol on the weekends, you'll be ssmmaasshheedd by God's Law on judgement day"...

"You need to put down the bottle, and pick up the bible!"...

"If you like to get NAKED with your girlfriend or your boyfriend, you'll be NAKED when you stand before God on Judgement Day. You'll be naked when your in the lake of fire"...

"If you burn with lust in this life, you'll be bbuurrnniinngg in the flames in the next"...

Or the one Todd Friel gave me, "Jews, Budhists, Hindus, Muslims...the're all wrong!"

Sure enough I was able to stir up enough interested for some people to walk over and start listening and asking questions. Primarily the issue was that of love. "Love is actually in-tolerant." I explained, "if I have a son, and my son becomes a drug addict. It would be un-loving for me to tolerate his destructive habit. It would actually be loving for me to be in-tolerant of it."

There were also the Christians who said you should talk about love first. When I said, "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom" one girl actually said "No it's not! The love of God is the beginning of wisdom!" I find that those who oppose the preaching of the true gospel are often the ones who simply don't know their bibles...very sad.

It was primarily a very calm and cival question/answer session with the students. That is how I like it. I honestly really dislike the wild, out of hand crowds, though I often get them. Though I start with the "shock and awe" approach, I work hard to progress it to a calm and cival atmosphere, and praise God that is what we had today!

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 Re: Love is NOT Tolerant

Though I start with the "shock and awe" approach, I work hard to progress it to a calm and cival atmosphere, and praise God that is what we had today!

don't forget tears dear brother.

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Your absolutely right.

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