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 A Story of a Tender Heart

Let me share a true story with you. I was traveling on the train at one time, when a man I knew got on and sat down beside me. He was a missionary, and he seemed very tender and broken.

He said, “I’d like to ask you something, Mr. Tozer. I am troubled, and this is my problem. A number of years ago, a strange thing happened on our mission compound in India. We had been having blessing and everything was going all right. The missionaries got together for a conference, and the native Christians were there, as well. We were all sitting around together, and a Presbyterian missionary was asked to preach to us. He preached and he sat down.

“Mr. Tozer, I will never be able to describe what happened, and I don’t know why it happened, but suddenly there came down on that assembly something like a wave of love and light that broke us up completely.

“One missionary ran to another and said, `Forgive me, forgive me,’ and another ran to another, and they wept and hugged each other. As a result of this experience, my home has been completely transformed. Now, my wife and I were getting on perfectly well, a normal Christian home, but, oh, the difference since that time! Home is heaven now.

“But this is what bothers me. Since that time, I’m so tender, and I weep so easily that it bothers me. When I get up to preach, I am just as likely as not to break down and cry. I never was that way before, but since the coming down that day, the sudden, wonderful visitation in India, I just cry so easily.

“Coming home on the ship, I had this experience. They asked me to take chapel on ship one morning. They told me there were some Communists who would be present in the service. I took my text and there it came again, the memory of all the glory came down on me, and I just began to cry and couldn’t finish my sermon.”

I said, “What did the Communists think of it? Did they make fun of you?”

“Oh, no,” he said. “They were very reverent about it. I’m not saying anything good about a Communist—I can’t—but at least in this case the Holy Spirit had shut the mouths of the Communists.”

Then I said to my friend, “You have asked me for advice on how you can overcome your tender heart. Brother, don’t try it! We have too many dry preachers in the world now. We have so many dry preachers and so many men who never shed a tear. If you can keep the tears of God on you and can keep your heart tender, brother, keep it! You have a treasure you should never give up.”

Do you know how he got that way? The coming down, the lighting down—and they got right with one another. They got cleaned up—they got trouble out of their hearts, and they got sins put away. Even missionaries got their sins put away, and when there was no more evidence of the displeasure of the Almighty God, the Holy Spirit came down!

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