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So you believe man has an immortal soul then? (In and of himself)

I have been all over the spectrum of Christian churches, and have settled for Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. They are bible believing, and stick to what the reformation was about in the first place. If there were an equivalent Lutheran Church in your area you may want to look them up.

P.S. Jesus died for "faggots" too so you may want to check your language.

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South Africa


I believe that mankind is mortal. I came to this conclusion by self study and prayer. I was hoping to share my views with someone.I have no axe to grind and if i could be convinced that i am wrong i will gladly change my view. Believing that mankind is immortal( the popular opinion of the two) opens up a can of worms and complicates my bible reading.Sadly i have had no takers on this issue.
So you don't like the word faggot. A faggot is a small piece of wood used to light a big fire.This is the only way i intended it to be.Christ died for all sinners,no matter what your brand is. He died for me also because i cant keep the first commandment...Thou shat love the lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul.
I personally find the word gay very offensive. What is gay about going to hell? what is gay about defying God when it is expressly forbidden?What is gay about tramping on the blood of Christ? I would be the first to welcome a repentant gay into the church. Christ did not die for the unrepentant sinner.Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.
I wonder, if the in next bible translation, the word sodomite will be translated gay?

Trevor Collins

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