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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Home Churches? (how many at SI?)

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Sermonindex, these are all excellent questions. I will try to answer them the best that I can.

1. How is the stability of teaching?

One thing that we really try to follow is the order that God has set up in His church. We really believe that men should lead the prayers and the bible studies if they are able to. This isn't to say that women can't lead prayer or lead the study, but we really feel that it is important for each of us to know our place in the body of Christ. To be completely honest, we really just walk by the Spirit.

2. What method do you use or teaching style?

Our teaching styles are pretty basic, we allow Christ to do the teaching. We pretty much stick to reading scripture and occasionally we will listen to a message by Reidhead, Ravenhill, Wilkerson, etc. Lately, we have been taking turns leading the study and just sharing what the Lord has laid on our hearts. It has really been a blessing.
I guess one of the things that has always blown me away about God is that when He speaks to you about a certain issue, you can almost gaurentee that He is speaking that same thing to someone else. And this is what we find time and again. We are not just sharing what is on our hearts, but what is on the heart of God.
We recently just finished a two year indepth study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This was probably the most amazing Bible study I have ever encountered. The format was that we would all spend the week reading a book of the Bible, taking notes or making comments to share when we all met together to discuss it. We really dug deep into the history and background of the writings, and we pulled a lot of scriptures together throughout the Bible.

3. Have you noticed any excesses etc?

I hope I will answer your question when I say that it does take discipline to stay on track. Especially because home churches can have a tendency to be less formal so people can have a tendency to be less reverant. This is not always the case, but when it does happen (and it has) it needs to be dealt with.

4. Do you have a network of home churches?

We actually have one other home church that we are in contact with and occasionally we all get together to fellowship and study the Word. We have also developed a network of resources so that we are able to obtain materials to hand out to students on campus.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions.



 2005/11/22 10:34Profile


There are alot of good homechurches out there but be careful where you go because alot of the people that go to homechurches are very bitter people.If you ever go to the homechurch websight look out!!!Don't go on their discussion list or you'll regret the day you did.If you try to talk to them about what the bible says,anything about reading the bible or praying they get REALLY angry!They also don't like to talk about submission and authority.They hate authority of ANY kind.
This isn't all homechurch people.Alot of them are really seeking the will of God.But alot of them have fallen into great error!The leader of the homechurch movement preaches a different gospel.Stay away from their books too their very deceptive.It all sounds good but its poison!They are just like Jannes and Jambres, they HATE authority and want it all for themselves.They want to be their own authority.Like I said not all but some.I went to a homechurch for 10 years.Ours wasn't so bad but you meet people of all walks of life with STRANGE ideas.

 2005/12/15 20:53

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