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 Thank you for the old school sermons, I'm new.

This is a rad place to liston to some great sermons from the Spirit. One of my Professors told me to come here and liston to the Ten Shekels and a shirt. Right now we are going through that part of judges. This moring i listoned to one of Leonard Ravenhill's messages. I love how hard his messages hit the flesh. I just got done reading Why Revival Terries. If you haven't read it get a copy. Anyways thanks for having me.

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 Re: Thank you for the old school sermons, I'm new.

Hey Brother,

Great for you to come to SermonIndex, let me guess you are at Calvary Chapel Bible School? I was there 2 semesters ago and am in canada right now but am aiming to go back pretty soon possibly mid 2006. The reason why I started this online ministry was essentially after reading the book "why revival tarries" it has left an eternal mark on my soul and direction in life. Do share this resource with others. if you get a chance check out the "Old Paths" newsletter:

feel free to print it out and make copies even for people on campus ;-) good to meet you.

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