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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Is Keith Daniel preaching the same mesages at the conferences

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 Is Keith Daniel preaching the same mesages at the conferences

I was wondering if the same set of messages are preached at each of the churches in the US Tour?
Thanks :-)

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 Re: Is Keith Daniel preaching the same mesages at the conferences

I am not definetly sure about this but I know forsure he has some sermons that he will preach many times over and over during the tour. It is like if you have an specific message you want to share you have to share it over and over with different groups of people.

He does have quite a few messages he speaks on, but he will speak new messages as the Lord gives him. He is an evangelist at heart not a pastor that leads people through every bit of the bible in discipleship.

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The evangelist generally preaches a seris of sermons in his tour or itinerant. And while the theme of the messages is generally the same and the starting text may be the same, the body of the message usually changes alittle and that because of how the Holy Spirit moves you diferently for each setting. So if you see him in more than one conference there are probably things you'll reconize as being the same while you'll notice some changes too.


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