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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Islam blamed for French rioting

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 Islam blamed for French rioting


As rioting that began in a poor, mostly Muslim, neighborhood near Paris a week ago continues to spread to other suburbs and cities across France and parts of Europe, U.S. experts and at least one American lawmaker believe radical Islam is most likely responsible for the chaos.
And, they say, despite the characterization by several media outlets that those perpetuating the violence are primarily disaffected youth upset with French economic and social policies, the fact the unrest spread so quickly and is virtually limited to Muslim neighborhoods signifies a deeper, ideologically driven motive.

U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., in an interview with WND, said he believes the chickens are coming home to roost in France because, for years, the country with the largest Islamic population in Europe has ignored rising Muslim tensions within its own borders. The real issue the French "are now dealing with," he said, "is [that] you cannot integrate some people into your society."

Daniel Pipes, an expert on Islam and the director of the Middle East Forum, a think tank promoting American ideals in that region, thinks the riots in France are a microcosm of the larger radical Islamic goal of gaining a solid foothold in Europe.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Islam blamed for French rioting

Greg, in face of the current unrest on this globe, with the Moslems seemingly at the center of most of them, do you think they are the major players in the endtimes as spoken of in Revelation?


Sandra Miller

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the riots in France are a microcosm of the larger radical Islamic goal of gaining a solid foothold in Europe.

For several reasons, I have trouble accepting the view point that these riots are a French muslim intifada. Perhaps the most important reason is that such an interpretation serves American interests too readily...which does not make it wrong but certainly gives cause for hightened scrutiny.

The Fullujah Massacre link that Jeff (Rookie) posted earlier shows what portentous results our accusations can lead to. After demonstrating what horrible suffering we can bring upon our enemies, we should be reluctant to identify more enemies. It is worth noting that most of these rioting muslims are French born citizens...not invading Islamic hordes.

Now, if we see the French government needing to negotiate a cease-fire through the mosques and their clerics in Paris, or the likes of Qaradawi...then I might be pursuaded that this violence is some type of surreptitious Jihad. If that proves to be the case, I don't think Europe will sit on it's secularism and watch their civilization be overtaken. Despite the past 60 years, I suspect the continent still remembers how to target people based on race and religion...they don't need any goading from US politicians. The last thing the world needs is a reprise of the old Europe.


Mike Compton

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This topic was started on another thread, where Comptom submitted a link to a very good article. It gives some insight into the historical background, and helps you understand why it is not appropriate to blame the Muslims:

[url=]Barbarians at the Gates of Paris[/url]

do you think they are the major players in the endtimes

I think it is always tempting to play "chess" with God's word, but by doing that we start pegging people into places where they may not belong. We may decide who are the "evil" ones. In France, there was a lot of exploitation in the past - and it is no wonder we see what we do now. Those who live on the "good side of the tracks" are just as guilty.

Is anyone a historian here? Can you compare this present situation with the French revolution? Are they going to repeat history.
Does the absence of revival in the past have any bearing on the present?


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