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 Why SermonIndex?

That may seem like a simple question but I think it is of utmost importance. SermonIndex is an very unique ministry and is sorely needed in our day. The unique audio/video sermon resources that SermonIndex is able to provide for virtually free is not being provided anywhere else on this scale anywhere.

There is a great need for people of our day to hear messages from the past especially the last 50 years. It is an very enlightening thing to be able to hear and watch people present the gospel of Jesus Christ in their day and to compare it to the message of our day. Sadly there is an inconsistency in comparing the spirituality of the past with the present.

In North America we have more bibles, radio shows, christian literature, ministries, tapes, than ever before in history but the question needs to be asked do we have God? We know more about God and have resources to tell us more about Him but do we really know Him?

We have to be honest with ourselves and not let ourselves be decieved. As I listen to many of the sermons that are provided on SermonIndex it is obvious to me that many of these speakers knew God in a much more intimate and meaniful way than myself. Personally in my life I have been driven to my knees again and again desiring fellowship with God and these speakers have been signposts pointing the way.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Why SermonIndex?

Well said.

We know more about God and have resources to tell us more about Him but do we really know Him?

And that is [i][color=000000]THE[/color][/i] question.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Why SermonIndex?

This is an amazing little piece of a testimony.
Our dear friend, brother Greg, is of the same age as my son.
What a tremendous exploit we have before our eyes, this SermonIndex.
I have no intention boosting personal pride here, but, do follow this example in pursuing great things for God – and more, pursuing God Himself.

Lars Widerberg

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