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 The end of an era

Everything starts to brew when an era is coming to a close.

This era that is about to shape up reminds me of the conditions of the early part of the 20th century. Tho I was not there myself, yet I can feel the spiritual atmosphere of the times.

We have reached our Zenith when it comes to peoples and cultures merging together, business on a global scale, sexual perversions rampant and epidemics and pandemics are on the rise.

We have all said it before how we long for the good ole days, but those good ole days were no different then today. As the old saying goes, "There is nothing new under the sun". In San Fransisco in the early century was called a very wicked city it still is, but could it be that that city then as well as today was full of homosexual activity? I am certain that it was.

But then came the devastating earthquake in 1907 that rocked the region. That brought down buildings and left thousands homeless.

While America and Britain set at ease, God was stirring an Army in Germany to shake us from our lethargy.

Yes it is God who tears down one kingdom and builds up another. It is God who stirs up the Nation of Iran and N.Korea and makes China a superpower thru the corrupt greediness of the western nations. If the North American churches do not awaken, He will send a whirlwind that will get our attention.

He has sent hurricane Katrina and her sisters to the southern region to awaken American, so she will repent and stop teaching others to blaspheme thru her policies.

But she continues to blaspheme because she has strength, strength that I the LORD has given her, but she has stopped acknowledging me. But America will acknowledge me again, when she falls to her knees. I brought King Nebuchaddnezzer down for 7 years to prove him, and I restored him as before, I will do to any nation that repents and turns to me with all their heart.

I the LORD do all these things, the bible is my testimonies, read them learn of my ways, I am meek and lowly come unto me all you that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Amen

 2005/10/30 18:19

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