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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I do think that TV is the worse evil then internet. TV you are subject to what they flash on the screen. And in the internet you choose your own paths. But if your heart is desperatly wicked you are sure to fall and stumble using the internet, just in overuse of your time or into worse areas such as pornography etc.

If you are a person that struggles with pornography I would suggest basically getting away from TV and computer. Get access to the internet at a public station for 1 hour or more.

I think we do need to watch the amount of time we spend on the internet and set some time guidelines so we are not on the computer all night. I am at times forced to do so to run the site and all the backend things including masses of emails. But the Lord has given me a joy to do this, but I love times away from the computer even for days or a week! :-P

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I praise God for those of you on SI who the Lord has told to give up the TV. I did the same thing, it's been about 18 months ago and the Lord is beginning to convict my wife about the same thing.

I'm looking forward to the day when the TV can be thrown in the trash.

The litmus test I use is what does it (whatever it is which can be many things) do to my relationship with Jesus? If it doesn't bring me closer to Jesus, than I don't want it. That's not a legalistic mindset but rather one that says I've got to protect my relationship with Jesus at all cost.

As far as the Internet goes, I frequent it much less and I'm praying that it will be even less and only at the direction of the Holy Spirit. I'm not there yet but that is where the Lord is taking me...

Ed Pugh

 2005/10/31 12:21Profile

 Re: TV god

Groh Frog, No I certainly do not have any bitterness towards the Television. I remember when we had an old black and white TV that was back in the 70's, we as kids did more playing around the TV then actually watching it. We were busy with the Farm, so there was no time to sit. Usually Sat and Sun were the days that we watched, Wrestling, Giligans Island, and the Beach Combers, and my older brothers would watch hockey when it was in season. I don't remember anyone ever fighting over the rights to the TV, especially if Dad was in the house, it was shut off anyone was caught fighting over it.

Then in 1980 when the Beta machines were being introduced, Dad got a new colour TV and a beta machine and we watched our first movie, everyone gathered around to watch it, I think even our brothers who had married came to watch it, it was Raiders of the lost ark. From then on, Dad bought more Tv's and another beta machine. When the betas were being phased out he got VCR's. We had a Tv in the living room, a tv in the dining room, a tv in his bedroom, and a tv in the rec room.

Even though we were a fighting family, we grew further apart, instead of watching shows together, we would watch them alone.

When things were getting too tight between me and Dad, I went to live in the city in a one room. I had no tv for several years. Then in 1995 when the internet was introduced, I bought a computer and started using that.

It was in the same year that the holy Spirit woke me out of my sleep with a terrible shudder, "Be Ready" came the words. I thought there was an earthquake or something, and He woke me again after I had fallen asleep again, "Be Ready".

I can tell you and swear on a stack of bibles, that I am less ready then I was in 1995. In fact I don't even know what I am to be ready for. I thought the rapture, but that wasn't it, but something more. One day more instructions will come.

How I got over into that, I'll never know.

But regarding the TV, I have one but I don't have it hooked up to SAT. But there is one in the house that is hooked up on the dish, and I tend to watch on Sat and Sun. The TV that I have I plan to set it up once my apartment is fixed up, I plan to get one of those dishes that picks up all the free programming all over the world that each network offers free. What I like about this network is that there is alot of free Christian stations available, that is my main concern.

As for the internet, has been a great blocker for anything that is not becoming. I tried it for 15 days and was convinced.

The Television is a god, lets not beat around the bush. Most of us enjoy the entertainment that it emits. It robs us of our social reponsiblities either with our family or friends.

Safe also has a (I am not their spokesmen) a feature that controls how much time you spend on the comp. If you set it to shut down at 12 midnight, it shuts down, no if and or buts.

I think these little extras are good, it helps you get into a routine that seperates you from the comp, and establishes other relationships with other things, be it fellowhshipping or building. I have a desire in me that I can build cabinents, I feel the LORD telling me that I can do it, though I never had or was given the chance to. So I bought my first electric mitre saw today, and I am looking forward to using that.

Speaking of things, I bought a silver ring last month and I have tried and tried to wear it, but it bothers me to no end. I finally took it off and I thought of just throwing it away, but it is silver and I rather get the money that I paid for it, I'll sell it on ebay or something. I felt pride raise it's ugly head when I wore that thing, and pride is something I don't like, yet there are other prideful things in my life, I realize that and the LORD will reveal them.

Alright...I've bore my soul enough, I am done.


 2005/10/31 14:15

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 Re: I'm done with TV!

we have tv at our house, with Sky Angel christian satellite. no cable at all, and deleted all the other channels that are continually bad. we do watch PBS occasionally for the kiddie shows, but only after exhausting about 4 years at parks and mommy and me classes. My son is getting older now (we are homeschooling too) and the kids at the parks can be worse than cable, so we watch educational shows that emphasize good values (honesty, family etc) and bible cartoons with our DVD player, VCR, etc (our TV, DVD player, VCR, and computers are all given to us as stewards, I didn't buy the stuff, but I do buy bible cartoons and bible kids books)

As long as God leads and you are prayerful, you'll be good


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From 1981 through 2002 I watched little or no TV (occasionally on holidays with family was the exception) and it was of great benefit to me. During this time I read extensively, after having been a teenage TV head. I spent alot of time building my vocabulary and started what I call a word box. YOu fill an index card box and take one out. Use it as a book mark and write down every word you don't fully understand on it until the card it is full on both sides. Then look up all the words, put each one on the front of a card with the definition on the back and file them in alphabetical order. Everytime you fill a new card you go back over the rest of the cards. Before you know it you will have learned hundreds of new words.

Since I have moved to Washington DC and get about 10 channels for free (3 PBS!) and because I work for a legislative policy organization now, I follow the news on TV and watch occasionally. This no TV period of my life really helped me in my career as I write fundraising proposals and other fundraising materials for a living. Having expanded my vocabulary by some 1500 words did alot for me and the quite time without TV racket has been a blessing. It good to hear that SIers are questioning the value of the TV in a Christians life!


 2005/10/31 17:29

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If we look at every thing God has done throughout history WITHOUT that stupid little device, we can really see what a hinderance and a waste of time the thing is. Let's watch and listen for what God does! Tune off! Turn off! The little pictures in that box hypnotize, not edify!

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 Re: I'm done with TV!

Very interesting thread!

About the internet being as bad as the tv, of that I will not dispute HOWEVER you can get filtered access. Our ISP filters our emails as well as the web. We cannot pull up ungodly sites. And if you do find one, email that link to them and they will block it. Now the worst thing about filtered internet is the time spent on any other hobby whch can get between you and common sense...

Just my opinion....


Sandra Miller

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We recently moved to a different house, and we decided to cancel our cable instead of transfering. It has been so great since we did that!

We only had the very basic channels before, but the filth that entered our home just through those basic cable TV channels - I used to watch CSI and a few other shows, but as I grew to learn what displeased the Lord and what destruction can be caused by "little things", it really wasn't hard to cancel the TV watching. I now spend more time with my family and get more time to read the Bible and a few books I've been wanting to, like PILGRIM'S PROGRESS.

I agree with Ravenhill that most entertainment is the devil's substitute for joy. I do think there are godly forms of entertainment - entertainment being a very abstract term. The majority of what we call enterntainment in America is filthy in God's eyes, and it is an embarrasment to Christianity that so many Christians support TV and movie industries that promote sin.

I considered getting SkyAngel, but it seemed like there was just as much "Falsianity" as there was true Christianity on their programming. I wish had a TV station! :-)

Christopher Wright

 2005/11/1 8:57Profile

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TV is a lot like people if you look for the good you will find it, if you look for the bad you will find that also, what are you looking for? :-)

Mr. Bill

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If I consider all the major decisions I've made in life, throwing out the TV was one of them. The minute I did that, my spiritual life changed, my marriage life changed, family life changed, professional life changed... all for the better... much much better. I felt I had a huge competitive advantage over everybody else, because comparatively speaking my week had eight days in it. I suddenly had so much time to do some much more.

I know without a doubt, that my life and that of my family would have been so much different, and sadly, not for the better, had we continued with a TV in the house. Though, like Jacob, I have to admit, I am not worthy of the least of His mercies, I believe God blessed us as a family for that decision. You have to understand where we came from and how totally different matters would have been had we continued on the old paths. No one can deny that I lacked the resources, gifts and where with all to be where I am today. If it where not for the Lord's blessing, how different it would have been... I'm not talking about wealth.

Bill Gates (Microsoft) said he does not have TV because he does not trust himself with one. Gates is very smart and he achieved much through his natural talent and intellect, but he even felt that TV was too addictive, too much of a time waster and too inhibiting. I read this in a FORTUNE magazine, maybe in approx. 1994, if my memory serves me right, but I could relate to that sentiment.

Years before when my wife and I made the decision. We read Proverbs 6:10 How long wilt thou sleep (etc)… so shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth (way faring man, homeless), and thy want as an armed man (most robberies take place out of dire straits). We looked at each other and admitted that we did not sleep too much but we certainly watched TV too much. We gave it up. Soon after, we read about Jacob who told his household to give up their idols. We could relate to that and praised God for His mercy. An idol, an abomination has been removed from our home and lives. It was an abomination for us, because we were so captivated and enslaved by it. My God help you as struggle with this decision, but from my perspective, I believe you will look back many years hence and rejoice.

Albert Meyer

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