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I normally do not post on other communities boards, but this particular topic has intrigued me.

As a person who is pretty in tune with the "emergent" movement that you all are speaking of, I find the response from most of you to be a real eye opening revelation at just how far the chasm is in the body.

There is a huge movement afoot in the Church to reclaim the tradition and heritage of our early church fathers (1st, 3rd, 5th century act...) that has been pushed out of our memories by modern evangelical church practices.

I had to laugh at how some of you deemed "repetitive" prayer as from Satan? It shows a very clear lack of worship traditions from the very earliest days of our faith. The desert fathers developed what was called "the Jesus Prayer" and it was practiced for is a beautiful meditative time with God.

If interested do a google search "the Jesus prayer" and you will see what some of these nasty evil practices of the dark (so you say) is about.

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The Prayer goes back to the New Testament and has had a long, traditional use. The method of contemplation based upon the Holy Name is attributed to St. Simeon, called the New Theologian (949-1022).

Now I wish this was surpising but as with all these claims of long standing ritualistic prayer is that they claim it has always been around but then the only person they start with is 900 years after the fact that turned it into a meditative practice. This is very typical for these claims but the reality is that you never see any record of it earlier in the writing of the fathers themselves -- 'it always has existed, but it is S 'so and so' from 750 AD that made it official. The truth is that St. 'so and so' is the one that created the tradition for it and then claims that he didn't but he is mearly following the traditions of others.

Whatever and so much for Jesus own teaching in Matthew 6 on this issue and 'vain repetitions'. even if they were doing this back then they were dishonoring Christ's own teaching on the subject.

Ed Raby

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Joined: 2005/11/8
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Maybe the issue is you have a wrong understanding of what is a "vain repetition"? The key is the "vain", not the repetition.

Repeating something to truly honor God and to connect with the Holy Spirit inside you is not "vain". It can simply be one (of many) spiritual exercises that can be used by a follower to build a spiritual discipline.

In fact you do it, and probably do not even realize it. How many times have you sung the hymn "Amazing Grace"? Probably dozens if not hundreds of times (depends on your age I guess). You repeat these words over and over again; lifting them to God...yet at its core you are simply repeating words over and over and over (same old words of the hymn) to God.

This is a repetition of words...yet it is not a vain repetition.

The "vain" is if it is done with a wrong attitude other then to truly connect with the Father, if not, it is simply vanity....of no avail.

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