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 A Different Race of Men by brother Greg


[b]A Different Race of Men[/b]
by Greg Gordon

"Help, LORD , for the godly are no more; the faithful have vanished from among men." Psalm 12:1

Where are the men of God in our generation that are likened to the apostles, prophets, and believers of God in the Scriptures? Those who walked after God in the power of His might. I want to say firstly we are called to be strangers in this world a people set apart to God and His purposes. Secondly there are many who claim to be 'people of God' yet are false and malign the Name of God. And thirdly God is willing even today to work in your life to make you a person that He can call His own and do great exploits through.

I can name so many that have reached that 'high-calling' in Christ Jesus in the recent past, Men like: Moody, Finney, Wesley, Whitefield, Payson, Bounds, Ravenhill, dare I go on... It seems like there has been an ending of a line of men that were born not of this world, peculiar to the ways and habits of this world. Men of another sort that were so heavenly minded they were of no earthly use. Just looking at the List found in Hebrews 11 gives you a picture of a people that God could unashamedly call His own. God desires to make a Name for Himself in the earth.

Is the world worthy of you? Are you accepted? Think of Christ who was mistreated, maligned and murdered! How can the world accept you if it didn't accept Him? Are you in Christ?

And When I hear about the next man of God. It is usually ending in disappointment. How can God bless men of God with such a powerful enduing of power to have them quite soon after fall into gross sin, or teach such heretical and devilish doctrines? There are so many people in the last 50 years that have had an appearance of godliness, but it's questionable whether they truly walked in Spirit. God does not entrust an abundance of His Spirit with a person who would not be a good caretaker of the responsibility given.

He entrusts Himself with people who have been tested and shown faithful with the small things. How many of the leaders and so called anointed men of God these days would lay on their sides for fifty days if God told them too! How many cry day and night over the sins of America. Forget money, size of ministries, spiritual gifts, Lord give us even a small portion of the burden that Jeremiah had for the lost. These are desperate times and require desperate measures. Help us to see the world that is burning alive before our eyes as we apathetically sit back in our pews not alarmed over the urgency of the matter. Give us eyes to see, awake us from our slumber.

Rise up Men of renown, not in earthly wisdom or stature, but renown for their faith. People willing to go anywhere, do anything! A generation of believes like Jacob that will not let go until you move God. The Lord desires to move on our generation... He is hovering over the waters... let the burden of prayer and pleading get heavy and the Lord will break through.

There is restlessness in my soul and many others for the Lord to show Himself strong on our behalf. I do not want to be as much in the world as I can and still call myself a 'Christian.' No! Ten thousand time No! I want to be separate and holy before the Holy God I serve. We have to be a different type of people, seeking those things which are above.

How long will the Church go on till it realizes that it's in the world and not being effective for Gods Kingdom? Horatious Bonar once wrote: "I looked for the Church and I found it in the world, I looked for the world and I found it in the Church!" Surely we must not feel comfortable in this world we are aliens, foreigners, strangers in the world. We are to be salt and light in this dark and perverse generation in which we live.

"NOW, Christian is the hour for you and me to prove God. But what in reality are we doing? Tempting Him! To see how far we can go how much we can get away with, while souls drop into hell all around us, and the cry of the Psalmist is heard in the land, ‘I looked on my right hand, and beheld, but there was no man that would know me; refuge failed me; no man cared for my soul.’ (Psalm 142:4)." — David Otis Fuller

We need desperateness for the times we live in. America and Canada need revival or its over! There is such a falling away of any moral standard or rules, people are doing what they wish, or as what seems right to them. God is being taken out of the governments, nothing but a nation-wide awakening of souls will stop this landslide of immortality and filth. Start today, stop tempting God, and make it your supreme desire to have Christ reign in His rightful place in your life. Be honest with yourself, wake up out of your complacency and see your nakedness. And dare I say to you Christians, REPENT! for the time is short and we will stand before the one that we much give account for every word spoken and action done in this body.

"But they could not endure to hear of purity, and of victory over sin and the devil. They said they could not believe any could be free from sin on this side of the grave. I bade them give over babbling about the Scriptures, which were holy men's words, whilst they pleaded for unholiness. Then I bade them forbear talking of the Scriptures, which were the holy men's words; ‘for,’ said I, ‘the holy men that wrote the Scriptures pleaded for holiness in heart, life, and conversation here; but since you plead for impurity and sin, which is of the devil, what have you to do with the holy men's words?’" — George Fox

Surely you will have the words of Jesus ringing in your ears 'blessed is he who hears the words of God and OBEYS them.' God is a holy God and we need to be a holy people. A different people set apart to God, strange to the world yet precious in the sight of Christ. 'He, who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.'

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