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 Riot or Revival


Today was such a rocken day at Texas Tech. We preached for 5 hours to crowds ranging from 200-500 students.

I started us off and was able to pull together a great crowd of a couple hundred students. Unrelentingly I preached against sin. The crowd responded with much aggression and hatred. I felt the Spirit and refused to give sin a chance to take a breath. Someone in the crowd started yelling out, "why are you attaching us? why are you attaching us?" I wasn't, I was attaching sin by preaching and their conscience knew it.

When trying to preach repentance, some would yell out, "You can't turn from sin. Your always going to sin. You just can't stop." To which I'd get specific, "which sin can't you stop? You can't stop lying? You can't stop stealing? You can't stop commiting adultery? God always provides a way out. You're never tempted beyond what your able to bear. You need to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. It's not that you can't stop, but that you won't stop." Others would say, "Jesus came to take away the law." "No, Jesus came not to take away, but to fulfill. Jesus didn't come so you could go and get drunk, or to sleep around. Jesus didn't come to take the law away, Jesus came to take your sin away."

I believe in speaking the truth in love and speaking the truth plainly. I used a line Todd Friel gave me, "Jews, muslims, hindus, budhists, they're all wrong!" To which someone in the crowd would lash back and say, "You can't say that!" I'd respond with, "so your saying I'm wrong?" "Yes of course your wrong". "so your doing exactly what your telling me not to do." One Christian girl said, "You should say that." I asked her, "where will a muslim go after he dies without Jesus Christ?" She wouldn't say hell. She wouldn't speak the truth in love.
For a long time I preached about sin, law, righteousness, judgment, hell, grace, forgiveness, repentance, Jesus Christ, etc. Once the crowd was maybe up to 300, and also on the verge of physically harming me (Jon Speed heard people talking about really hurting me) I turned the crowd over to Jon.

They didn't like Jon any better. He attacked sin and reached through to their conscience. As John Wesley said, "When you preach, men should either get angry or get converted, if those two things do not happen, I don't believe your called to be a preacher." Well, under conviction these people largely responded with anger. As Ian Paisley said, "I'm going to have either a riot, or a revival". Well, we were about to have a riot.

Eventually the rest of the team showed up and Darrel Rundus, Tim Crawford, Miles Lewis, Tim Camp all preached. The crowd calmed down greatly when we got into intellectual discussions. When you intellectually prove Christianity, the crowd thinks. When you go for the conscience, it's a riot or a revival.

Afterwards I had a discussion with a man who said he was a believer, but thought if we were friendlier and nicer, (didn't talk about hell, sin, judgment) we would win more people. I said, "Jesus Christ was the perfect preacher. He never once made a mistake. But His first sermon, they tried to throw Him off a cliff. If you asked His crowd, 'what do you think of this guy' they would have said, 'I hate Him. I'm going to throw Him off this cliff.' But yet Jesus was the perfect preacher. So maybe the problem isn't with the preacher, but maybe the problem is with the audience."

I tell you guys, the word was preached with power and fire and the unction of the Holy Spirit today and hundreds of college students were reached! Plenty of people thanked us, others hated us. We'll see what happens tommorow on campus. Pray for us.

 2005/10/24 21:45

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 Re: Riot or Revival

As John Wesley said, "When you preach, men should either get angry or get converted, if those two things do not happen, I don't believe your called to be a preacher.

Praise God what a statement brother Jesse keep doing the work of the kingdom, I can assure you that you are called to be a "preacher". Keep preaching the word of righteousness and may Jesus Christ be shown to all these students. I love these updates I am sure they stire many people out of apathy. Praying God's will be done in your life.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 God's purpose is to eradicate sin

Keep going brother,

God's purpose is to eradicate all sin. Hebrews 9:26 Then Christ would have had to suffer many times since the creation of the world. [b]But now he has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself.[/b]

We will saved in the process (Hebrews 9:28) but he's after the sin. I love the Wesley quote too and that's how we know whether we'll walk in the Spirit. When you're led by the Spirit to confront someone, they will either repent or shun you. The same thing happened to Jesus many times in the Scriptures.

God bless you brother. Will keep you lifted up...

Ed Pugh

 2005/10/25 17:42Profile

 Re: God's purpose is to eradicate sin

Check out the links to the DAILY TOREODOR, the student newspaper of Texa Tech.
Sermon on the Doubt
Group preaches message that, for some, was unwanted, inaccurate
By Jeremy Reynolds/Staff Writer
October 25, 2005

Jessi Morrell literally stood on a soapbox in the free speech area outside of the Student Union Building Monday afternoon and did an open-air sermon to the passing crowds. His message addressed the basics of the Bible, but mostly pounded home the 10 Commandments.

"The judgment of God is that all sinners will have their place in the lake of fire," Morrell said. "Everyone has sinned."

His sermon drew a crowd of more than 100 students at times and was not without feedback from the skeptical ones.

"He's not approaching this right at all," said Carson Runge, a junior finance major from Grand Prairie. "He's condemning everyone to hell. This is not the way to spread the word of God."

Morrell tried making connections with the crowd by saying he formerly was a heavy drinker and drug dealer, but for Aron Robertson, his associations did not hit home.

"He should not be up there on his soapbox talking down to us," said Robertson, a senior biology major from Houston.

Also taking the stage during the sermon was Jon Speed, who preached at a non-denominational church for 13 years. He said he has been touring with the group for about a year.

The group began their tour at the Oklahoma campus a week ago and will travel to Texas Christian University, University of North Texas and Southern Methodist University before ending their trip Nov. 13.

"Jesus commands everyone to preach the gospel," Speed said.

Speed said he stopped preaching at a church and began preaching in free speech areas after he realized he had not repented his sins.

The crowd gathering was good enough for Speed, who said at the other universities he has gone to, they were not given good locations and the crowd was minimal. A common complaint is people saying that the group approaches the sermons the wrong way.

"People who say that are kind of the victims of our politically correct society," Speed said.

Speed could do nothing more than shake his head at the people who were criticizing him and Morrell.

"Christians really do not believe in hell, because otherwise they would be up here doing what we're doing," Speed said.

To illustrate their point better, the group brought out a body bag with plastic feet sticking out of the end.

Morrell said the body bag was to illustrate to everyone that they would be going to hell.

"I think it was good for illustration to remind everyone that the ultimate ending is death," Robertson said.

Siber Tshuma, a junior accounting major from Fort Worth, said the group's approach could have been better, but he did not see a problem with them standing outside and preaching.

"He has the right to say what he wants to say," Tshuma said. "We're in a America, and we have the right to say foolishness."

Not everyone in the crowd warmed up to Morrell's message of the day.

"I don't believe in this at all," said Alexandra Lara, a freshman sociology major from Lubbock. "If he could have presented a little better, then he could have made his point."

Morrell stood on his box and spoke without a limit, but whenever anyone else wanted to have a say, he would tell them to hold on, Lara said.

Haylee Rigdon, a junior business major from Plano, rolled her eyes when Morrell began talking about sinners going to hell.

"He is using the word of God, but if you believe in the word of God, then you know all he's doing is turning people away," Rigdon said.

Tim Camp, a member of The Good News Network, said he appreciated the crowd's input.

"Feedback is awesome; anytime you get feedback, whether it's positive or negative, is great because it keeps them thinking," Camp said. "It helps us expand our minds and hearts."

Camp said Darrell Rundus, who was present on campus to give his speech, started the group two years ago.

"If you believe your soul is worth something then you should look into it," Camp said. "Ten out of 10 people die."

Miles Lewis, a volunteer for The Great News Network, flew down from New York City to travel with the group to the different universities. All the members of the group have other jobs, but get paid to travel and speak on campuses.

Lewis said he was a cabinetmaker.

"Most men love to sin," Lewis said. "The Bible says light has come into the world, and men like darkness."

Rundus talked about Bible stories and his personal experience and posed various questions to the crowd.

"We will all live forever, the question is where," Rundus said.

The Tech Police Department was called, but an officer said there was no disturbance, and Morrell and Speed were fine speaking to the crowd.
© 2005 Daily Toreador

LETTER: Examine self before casting stones
October 25, 2005

Like many of you, I saw something that I had never seen on this campus before. Monday, I saw three men in the free speech area in between the Student Union and the Library spouting off scripture and blurting out the repercussions of this campus' lack of Christianity.

Now, I have been a non-religious person for my whole life. The showing that these guys put on made me happy I am an atheist. The way these guys shunned everyone who tried to have an intelligent conversation with them shows just how hypocritical these guys really were.

Using their crazy loopholes and trying to prove everyone wrong gave them quite an audience. Like so many people, I was drawn to what they were saying and all the people like me who were arguing their comments.

Even other Christians were arguing with these guys, saying that they were going at this the wrong way. A problem that these guys did not realize is that we are adults! Most of us have chosen to have a religion or chose not to have one.

I'm sure most of the non-believers like me were pushed away even farther by their incoherent preaching. If any of these three guys actually converted anyone or got anyone to convert, I will be very surprised.

I am glad that some logical Christians stepped up and told them that they were doing what they were doing all wrong. These guys had the vibe of the same radical Christians who bomb abortion clinics or try to exterminate an entire race like Adolf Hitler.

I feel like ending this opinion with a quote so I chose one that these guys shouldn't skim over when reading their good book, "If anyone among you thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one's religion is USELESS," James 1:26.

Doug St. Romain

Senior education major from Rockwall

 2005/10/25 23:17


Here are some video clips from Dorothy of some of the preaching that went on Monday Oct 24th at Texas Tech.

 2005/10/25 23:22

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WOW! Awesome! There were a lot that got to hear the Gospel!

Josh Parsley

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 Re: testimonies?

I love Jessi Morrell's relentless courage. He fears no man and is single-focused on his message.

I can't seem to open these links, but I did get to his site. I enjoyed his interview on the Talk the Walk show - esp his 54 second Gospel message.

There is one thing that I'm looking for and maybe someone can help. I'd like to hear some testimonies of those who were changed through his ministry. Are any on the web somewhere?


 2005/10/26 9:34Profile


Yes you can read stories about lost souls who prayed for salvation in the "Adventure Journal" of the site.

 2005/10/27 0:17


Photos of preaching on the Lobbock Texas Tech campus can be seen at:

There's some wild pictures of hecklers etc.

 2005/10/27 0:34

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Those video clips are outstanding. If you posted an hour of that I would sit throught the whole thing. Just those three short clips are outstanding. There is something about hearing the Word delivered in the public air that is just awesome.

When we have gone to the public square (the couple times we did this summer, we are wanting to warm up to street preaching) the last thing we thought about was a camera. But now I would love to look back on the pics and remember some of the faces and experiences. Our church said they would video us witnessing. I need to follow up on that.

Full length videos of you guys street preaching would be great. Just a suggestion. Some of us need to see regular guys like you being bold so we will get pushed over the edge and dive in.

Keep up the great work, bro. Mark 16:15!

Hal Bachman

 2005/10/27 23:23Profile

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