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 Icons of Satan: 99cent Special

Icons of Satan are creeping across America at this very moment ... and they are in your neighborhood, especially filling the aisles of the nearest dollar and 99cent stores.

What began as innocent "fun" in the 1940s has mushroomed into a pseudo-holiday to the devil in today's world.

I speak of Halloween ... the Day of the Dead ... the rituals of hob ... a patronizing to Ned, the likes of which this nation has not seen nor been prepared to handle.

Christians contribute to this evil culture by allowing kids to attend Halloween parties, "Fall Festivals" and costume parties this time of year.

Trick or Treat time used to be purely a time for candy. Today, it is an overt and blatant worship of Satan.

If you are naive to believe that evil does not walk this earth, or that spirits do not respond to this occult madness, then you are a butterfly in search of a frog. You will be swallowed whole by this phenomenon known as Halloween ... IF you do not take on the full armor of God.

Pray for this country ... Pray for its children ... Pray for our leaders to recognize that continued homage to evil will only beget more evil in this land.

I am not a doomsday yeller. This is not a diatribe on the occult. I am not against folk having fun. But, at what price? What expense do we trade our convictions for a moment with the world?

There are times when one must blend in with society and go along with rules and regulations ... (render unto Caesar ....) but Halloween should NOT be one of them.

As ye reap ... Well, you get the picture. You can't dance with the devil and not expect that you won't get a bill from the fiddler.

Okay ... let the kids have some candy ... Bake some pumpkin muffins ... But, for God's sake, don't allow your children to go out for 'Trick or Treat', or Halloween parties, or evil movies. This is only asking for the ugly spirit of the dark world to permeate your life, and that of your family.

Just when did this "Halloween" transform from a nothing blip on the calendar to a major semi-holiday event? ... The way it came about is exactly WHY you must flee from it. This day of evil changed ever-so-slowly over the years so as not to alarm the people. Both secular and the Christian world have slept while Satan developed his day. You can believe that.

God has His two strong days in Christmas and Easter. What made us think Satan would not create a day of worship to himself?

My advice to the believer: (1) do not acknowledge Halloween, (2) do not celebrate Halloween, (3) do not attend any function advocating Halloween, (4) do not allow your children out on Halloween night, except to church functions, (5) do not wear the colors of Satan, the orange and black, (6) refrain from ghoulish movies, especially on or near Halloween, (7) pray with conviction all day and night on Halloween to thwart the shadow of evil as it intensifies and becomes even more pervasive during Satan's holiday.

It only takes one small crack for a dam to eventually burst ... one item of malware in a computer to effect a "crash" ... one small microbe of virus to bring down an elephant ... and one mis-step by a believer to cause havoc in their life.

Don't let Satan, or his minions, influence you into thinking that Halloween is clean, innocent fun in which to participate. It is not. It is as evil as the serpent's first day in the Garden. A snake is a snake is a snake. It WILL bite you. :eek:

 2005/10/23 14:32

 Re: Icons of Satan: 99cent Special

Halloween has little impact compared to the witchcraft on t.v. It's straight forward. On the WB and NBC. "Medium" and a few others, when i heard of 'medium' i was like UGH, i know Christians are gonna watch it.

I say 'what the enemy meant for harm the Lord turns out for God'.

What a great time to evanglize?

Hundereds upon thousands of people (not just kids) dressed up, looking bizarre...hey..being a crazy'll just blend in and attract others. Bitterness can easily be far from you in this time.

Idk if you ever went trick-or-treating, but sometimes its boring, sometimes you get mean people. Well, here is my personal advice. Pass out godly literature. "why no halloween' or this or that, small bibles...or those 'biblezeens' (bible magizines) or better yet, those gospel cd's.

You can preach, you can teach, its amazing what you can do during this day.

I encourage anyone, forget endorcing it, but endorce the Lord who has given Oct. 31st, just like he gave Oct. 10 and 11 (just normal days). Let's use this day to glorify the Lord and show people Him.

Me personally, I think I will be passing out cd's. But, i need to burn alot of them, and dont have them. God willing I can make 100+ or so. Not just the 'raised from the dead experience', but 'freedom' and others posted on


 2005/10/23 15:28

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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


Hey Joshua,
that sounds like a great idea. Good one :-)

Zeke Oosthuis

 2005/10/23 15:56Profile

 Re: Excellent

Well, think of this from a evanglist eye.

How many days out of the year do you get thousands upon thousands of people to come to YOUR DOOR. Or just walk around in an area?

Christmas neither is easter a good holiday for this, even though they both 'mark' something about Christ. The people are in their homes on these days.

I pray that just for posting that, SOMEONE is motivated to evanglize, from their homes or out within the crowds. I will be, Lord Willing. (I need some money to do what I have intended).

 2005/10/23 16:04

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What Satan would love is for all the Christains to just dissapear on Holloween .
He would have whole night for himself , and his true followers.
Many churches use the night wisly as an out reach night .
I think we should go have fun with our families on Holloween.
We dont have to celebrate dead people( day of the dead) But celebrate the one who died for us .
We dont have to get all freaked out about the night , just beat Satan at his own game so to speak .
I think I will go to our church dressed as a ghost ... the Holy Ghost ;-)

 2005/10/24 1:49Profile

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